Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Snark and a bit of Fluff

Guess who's coming to dinner.
Daniel Kaine.
I know, right. Vic is in a dither. The kidlet is beside herself. Literally. Squirrels have nothing on her.
And me?
Maintaining my cool (just barely) with the assistance of some good dark beer and about half a pack of ciggies.
Yes, ack. Those filthy cancer sticks.
But I mean, come on, babies. The famous, awesome sauce covered Daniel Kaine...well, it's some sort of sauce. Vic said it was Awesome Sauce.
You'd need something  to keep you steady as well. So here sits Daniel, the Gutter King famed on Twitter and in the minds of a few of his besties...and he'll be coming to dinner as well. It's all very Sidney Poitier but in reverse with a little To Sir With Love  thrown in. Right, and if you don't get that, it's okay.


Can't help the giddy. Brit boy has arrived, and we're all pretty busy hailing his majesty, the Gutter King.
Also, in unrelated, but verra importante news, I am featured today over at Amber Kell's blog waxing poetical about my lovely boy's from Tian's Hero. We're giving a way a copy of the book to one luck commenter from Amber's blog (the winner will receive the book on March 17th, release day) and...there will be a second chance to win a copy of the book. Starting March 10th and running until midnight of the 16th, I'll be leaving little tidbits and clues here about Tian, Kayron, and Lewell'yn. The person who gets the highest number of them included in their comment on the 17th will win a copy of the book as well. :)


Ta for now, babies.


  1. Hope you all had a great time at dinner, sounds like a blast!

  2. Thanks, Angel. We did. The kidlet, or as Vicktor likes to call her, the Nieceling, made supper for us, and it was lovely.


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