Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday-Another Installment of Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice #8

Simeon shivered as the low rough tone of Joshua’s voice slid into his ears. The vibrations rolled against the elemental’s skin in a warm rush of sound. Another layer of comforting warmth wrapped around Simeon. He gasped, unaccustomed to the deluge of sensation, hips jerking upward as his level of pleasure ramped up another notch. Ryan fluttered his wings against Simeon’s hands.
“Just like that. Oh. Yes.”
Ryan’s voice broke off into another wordless murmur. Then, apparently in response to Joshua’s statement about wanting Simeon on his side, Ryan folded the wing furthest from Joshua against his back, insinuated one strong arm under Simeon’s back with fingers splayed between the elemental’s shoulder blades, and grasped Simeon’s jaw with the other hand.
Ryan kissed Simeon. And while he sweetly poured what felt like an eon’s worth of feeling into the press of lips, he rolled to his side. Joshua’s hands grasped Simeon’s hip, lifting and pushing at the same moment. The whole movement, slick, sure and so very synchronized, gave birth to a niggling doubt in Simeon’s head.
Had they done this before?
Found some other lonely fool, whispered charming lies until they got the man naked, and plundered his flesh thoroughly before leaving him behind like a discarded toy?
A frisson of cold slid up Simeon’s spine. His gut clenched, the muscles at his center winding tighter and tighter as they attempted to draw away from the bleak, frozen despair of that thought. Joshua’s grip on his hip tightened.
“Simeon? What’s going on in that head of yours? I sweartagod—”
Ryan pulled back abruptly.
“Josh! You have got to stop using JC and his dad’s names in vain. How many times do I have to tell you?”
The air around Simeon crackled with tension. He felt hot waves of feeling beating at his back.
“Rye, we are not getting into that right now. Got it? The more important issue here is the way every muscle in Simeon’s back just tightened down so far it’s a wonder you can’t hear his bones creaking in protest.”
Ryan’s tiny frown and pursed lips softened as he turned his eyes from looking over Simeon’s shoulder to stare straight at the smaller man.
“Simeon? Are you okay? Do you need some more tea? A blanket?”
The angel’s hands moved as he spoke, one pressing even more firmly against Simeon’s back, fingers caressing the cool, pale skin beneath them. The other hand roamed up and down Simeon’s side. Simeon looked into Ryan’s eyes. Their silvery hazel depths beckoned him. Searching diligently, Simeon found no hint of malice in the warmth they offered him.
“I-I just. You were so smooth. When you moved me. Like you’d done it before. It—”
A harsh noise sounded behind Simeon. Like gravel on glass, the noise scraped across Simeon’s nerves, abrading them.
“He thinks we’re using him.”
The hand on his hip clutched him hard enough to bruise. With a snapping sound, a huge velvety wing curved up over Simeon. He was instantly enclosed in a magical cavern. The wing covered Ryan as well. Simeon turned his head up, reached up to touch the enticing surface of Joshua’s wing.
“So different…”
The texture, color and size of the wing was very different from the sleek, feathered appendages of purest white that Ryan sported. Joshua’s was more like something a bat would sport, softest leather covered in a thick layer of velvet. Simeon rubbed his fingertips over the rich texture, marveling at the color. The brown was dark enough to be mistaken for black at a quick glance.
“Never, little frost man, never. Rye and I just—things are easy with you. You fit us.” 


  1. Nice. I really love this story. It's so sensual and beautiful. Can't wait for the next installment!

  2. Hi Cherie ... I'm hearing great things about this series. I am looking forward to reading it!


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