Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fire & Ice #5

The incredible heat in Josh’s eyes washed over Simeon. Plunged suddenly into the molten river of need pouring from the incubus’s eyes, Simeon gasped for air. His lungs immediately felt scorched. A frightened wail escaped him.
“Tone it down, Joshua. You’re going to kill him if you bring the heat up that fast.”
Cool tones slid across Simeon’s skin, easing the stinging sensation that had so quickly overwhelmed him. A soft white wing brushed his side. Goosebumps broke out over his whole body. The ferocious heat gentled to soothing warmth.
Simeon reached up across himself to pet the pure white wing draped over his side.
A dark chuckle drew his eyes forward.
Josh smiled, the expression somehow sweet and wicked all at once. His long thick lashes screened his eyes.
“Be careful, Simeon. Nothing gets Rye going faster than stroking his wings.”
Simeon’s breath caught in the back of his throat. He wanted to bury both hands to the wrist in the brilliant white feathers that lay against his side lightly as wisps of silk. His blood pounded in his ears. Simeon could feel each beat of his heart pulsing through his body, pooling hot and heavy in his groin.
“Is…is it allowed?”
Complete silence greeted his query.
Simeon’s blood rushed from his groin to his face. His burgeoning erection wilted while his face flooded with color.
“Say something to him Rye. I know most of your brain has melted down into your cock right about now, but Simeon’s starting to look like he kicked someone’s puppy by accident.”
Simeon’s fingers touched the first feather, slipped along its length caressingly and continued as far down the length of the wing as his current position would allow.
A shaky gasp sounded behind him.
“I-ah-by the sweet Lord-yes, right there…I. Yes. Okay. T-touch me. Touch me more. Please, Simeon.”
Wicked dark eyes laughed into Simeon’s for a split second.
“Turn over, luv. Give his wings a proper pet. You’ll see what I mean.”
Simeon nodded.
Turning over, he gasped at his first glimpse of Ryan. The angel’s face, transformed by the mask of pleasure encasing it, glowed with a cool white light. Josh’s voice rasped in his ear, the warm moisture of the incubus’s breath ticking Simeon’s ear.
“All that from one little pet. Imagine what he’ll look like with your cock in him, Simeon. He’ll cry out, begging you to fuck him harder every time you touch his wings. He’ll let you do anything, and thank you afterward.”
Simeon’s cock sprang to full hardness.
He sucked in a lungful of air.
A stinging bite nipped at his neck, and then Josh’s voice was whispering to him again.
“Do it. Take him.”
Josh’s hand reached over Simeon, grasped Ryan’s upper leg and drew it forward over both Simeon’s hip and his own.
“Look Simeon.”
Simeon looked. Josh’s fingers glistened suddenly, lube appearing from out of the air to coat them.
Josh laughed roughly.
“You mean Unholy, don’t you little elemental?”
Simeon tipped his head back. Josh’s eyes swam with some old hurt. Simeon turned his head further, kissing the underside of Josh’s jaw.
“No. I meant Holy. All things of beauty and love are holy to the Lady I worship.”
Josh shuddered.
Ryan’s eyes snapped open.
“If you two don’t stop philosophizing and start fucking, I’m going to lose my mind.”
Josh quirked an eyebrow upwards.
“Well. We can’t have that happening, Rye.”
Ryan cried out. Simeon glanced down to find that Josh had two long fingers buried in the angel’s back passage. Josh held them still for a moment, and then began to stroke them in and out with slow deliberate motions. Ryan moaned, long and low, and needy. Simeon shook. His cock was bursting with blood, droplets of pre-come leaking from the tip. His balls were snugged up  hard and tight against his body. Simeon blew out a shaking breath, concentrating on not coming.
“Josh, now, I need Simeon now. I’m stretched enough. I need him in me.”
Josh pulled his fingers out.
Simeon fit the head of his cock to Ryan’s loosened hole. This was the best dream he’d ever had.
A velvety black wing spread over his side as he pressed inch by inch into Ryan’s tight passage.
“You’re not dreaming this time, Simeon.”

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