Monday, September 12, 2011

Manic Monday

The tree I watch out my kitchen window is starting to turn. It's one of those with spinners, and the little helicopters are browning and readying themselves for take off.

I understand how they feel.

I'm waiting too, caught in stasis even though I'm working at breakneck speed.

Two stories to edit this week, three to finish up, and not enough hours in the day. Well, unless I stop sleeping altogether, and really, there's not enough caffeine in the world to make that happen.


In other news?

The kidlet decided a week or so ago that the kitchen window tree is really full of faeries. I think she may be right. And, if not, we're likely to get a helluva good YA novel out of the idea at any rate.

Right, so I'm off to edit/write/dream/unpack some more/clean house/whatever else needs doing.
Have a stellar week everyone.

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