Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Snogging With Evans, Doctor Ryan Bald Eagle and Nikki Lindstrom: an Unedited Excerpt from the next Soldier's Story.

Hey all.
It's that time again. 
Time for a Sunday Snog.
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Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy. 
Read my snog, and then find the others.
And by all means, snog someone, someway today if you possibly can!

Ryan could feel Little Hawk tensing against him. He cast Nikolina an urgent glance over the muscular curve of the smaller man’s shoulder. She cocked a brow at him.
“Nikolina…I bet Little Hawk would like it if you were to taste him. I did interrupt that earlier, didn’t I?”
Ryan pulled Little Hawk even closer, pillowing the other man’s head on his bicep. He curled his body along Little Hawk’s until they were touching at every point of contact possible in this position. Then he put his mouth against the younger man’s ear.
“Do you see, Little Hawk? Look at us.”
He caught the other man’s stormy gaze in the mirror. He sucked the edge of the ear he’d been whispering into between his lips, and then nipped it sharply. Little Hawk jerked against him. In the mirror he could see Nikolina just wrapping her hand around the base of Little Hawk’s length. Ryan pulled his mouth back to breathe more hot words into his lover’s ear.
“Do you see Nikolina? Do you see your Pretty with her hand on your cock, and the sweet curve of her spine where it meets her ass? Do you see her lush pink mouth puckered to kiss the head of your cock?”
Ryan saw Nikolina’s hand flex. Little Hawk moaned. Ryan thrust his hips forward, grinding his substantial erection against the smaller man’s taut ass. He reached forward with the hand that had been on Little Hawk’s hip. Winding his copper skinned fingers into her platinum tresses Ryan tugged lightly on Nikolina’s hair. She turned eyes burning blue like the hottest flame up at him.
“Take him in your mouth, Nikolina.”
Nikolina smiled like a cat eyeing an unwary bird. She slid her eyes from his to meet Little Hawk’s. As her agile tongue darted out to make its first pass across the head glistening with pre-come, Ryan spoke again.
“Do you see how she watches you Little Hawk? She sees you.”
Ryan bit the inside of his cheek to keep from moaning when Little Hawk locked gazes with him. Then, from the corner of his eye Ryan saw Nikolina swallow Little Hawk down. The blue-grey eyes pinning Ryan in place widened, the entire body in front of him stiffened, shook, and then the other man was crying out wordlessly, his eyes falling helplessly shut.
The warm skin quaking against his own and the sounds of Nikolina’s greedy moans conspired to tip Ryan over the edge as well. He forced himself to keep his eyes open, to keep watching Little Hawk even as his orgasm had him howling and thrusting as he pumped out his seed against the other man’s fine ass.
The shaking of both their bodies finally stopped. Ryan felt Little Hawk relax into his arms as his own breathing evened out. In the mirror he could see Nikolina nuzzling Little Hawk’s hip like a cat leaving its scent. It was beautiful and looked almost content. Little Hawk sighed softly, and then his breathing slowed even more. Ryan realized he was asleep.

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