Monday, September 26, 2011

Manic Monday Update

Is it some kind of unwritten rule that Mondays have to be filled with all sorts of craziness?
I dunno, maybe that's just what I expect, so that's what I find.

This week I'm trying to get a minimum of 2,500 words a day. Gearing up for NaNo.

I know, color me crazy. But, I want the enforced discipline of writing a set amount each and every day, so I'm going to start with the 2,500 and try to work my way up to 5,000 a day during the work week. I'll feel a lot better about taking weekends off that way.

So, for the week?
Goal : 17,500 new words written in one of my WIPs.
Goal : Finish (finally) unpacking the house
Goal : Finish The sequel to the Soldier & the State Trooper. I need to get it sent to beta readers and then off to my editor.
Goal : Write more. And more. And More.

Squeeze the budget a bit more. Just to make it holler.

Right, there's also the regularly scheduled chores, and other stuff.

For now, I'm off to write.

And drink coffee.

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