Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Snog from The Soldier & the State Trooper

It's that time again. Sunday Snog Time. Get ready for a snogging good time! Start out here, or where-ever you find the first snog, read through the snog below, and then follow the links for more snogging goodness! And be sure to leave Victoria Blisse, the wise woman who started all this snogging business, a comment telling her that this is the absolute best way to spend a Sunday!

A Snog from The Soldier & the State Trooper 

    Christie came through the laundry room door, a brow cocked
in query as he started to unbutton his camouflage pants. His sleek
chest and gorgeous, taut abs had Robert’s ribbon quickly acting
as a very real cock ring. Robert was seated at the table, so Christie
hadn’t seen he was nearly naked yet. The hungry way Christie was
watching Robert’s chest promised there was a good chance he’d
be more than willing to fall in with Robert’s plans for the evening.
    Christie’s face lit up.
    “Present? You have a present for me? Where is it?”
    Robert grinned. He loved the way Christie got so excited
about little things. He brought the guy a cheap plastic toy from
a fast food restaurant where he’d picked up his lunch one day,
and Christie had been over the moon. It was cute. He’d never tell
Christie that, because then they’d probably fight over whether
or not Christie was cute—which he unequivocally was, and that
would be a waste of time.
    “I’ve got your present right here babe…and you’ve got all
night to play with it…I switched shifts with Evan Carrollton, and
sent Frankie over to Nikolina’s with Ally.”
    Robert pushed his chair back. Christie looked down. Robert
knew he was expecting a present to be hidden in Robert’s lap.
    Watching Christie’s eyes go smoky with desire, and his cheeks
flush with color, had Robert’s cock hardening even more. Christie
licked his lips. He continued walking forward. Robert waited
patiently until he got close enough and then—
    “Gotcha, babe.”
    Robert led Christie’s hand down to the end of the ribbon
the ring was dangling from. Christie’s eyes went from smoky to
startled. Robert had deliberately tied the ring loosely, so when
Christie tugged on it, it came loose in his hand.
    Christie brought his hand slowly up to his waist level and
clenched it shut in a fist. Robert took hold of his wrist, turning
his palm up toward the ceiling. Then he uncurled Christie’s
fingers one by one.
    “A ring, Robert?”
    “An engagement ring, Christie. If you’ll take it.”
    Christie swallowed hard. He didn’t answer.
    “Christie Collins, will you marry me?”
    Christie still didn’t say anything.
    Robert’s gut twisted up. He squeezed his eyes shut. Shit. He’d
gotten it wrong somehow. He’d pushed Christie too fast. He—
    “Yes, Robert. Oh, hell, yes.”
    Robert’s eyes popped open. He grabbed Christie’s hips, pulling
him in close. Air flowed into his lungs again, and along with it the
most delicious scent. Christie smelled hot, musky, and faintly of
the cucumber melon body wash he used every morning.
    “Shit Christie, you scared me. I thought you were going to
say no.”
    “Yeah, well. I couldn’t breathe for a minute.”
    Robert looked up into Christie’s eyes. Their blue-green depths
were glittering with a film of moisture. Robert closed his own
eyes to savor the moment, burying his face in Christie’s stomach
and breathing deeply of his fianc├ęs unique scent.
    Goddess, what the scent of cucumbers and melons did to
Robert was nearly cause for a charge of public indecency.
    Christie moaned when Robert nuzzled into the open vee of
the smaller man’s half unbuttoned cargo pants. Robert opened
his mouth to taste the faintly salty skin of Christie’s belly. He
nipped gently at the ridge of Christie’s hip, causing a catch in the
other man’s voice as he spoke.
    “Well, Trooper Lindstrom, what do you plan to do with me
now that you have me?”
    Robert groaned right back. Oh, he knew that tone. That was
the sound of slutty Christie coming out to play. He grabbed the
base of his cock to stop himself from coming too quickly.
    “Why Trooper Lindstrom, I think you like it when I talk
    “You know I do, Christie.”
    Robert pressed a moist kiss to the tender skin accessible above
the low riding cargo pants. Then he bit down, unable to resist the
heady feeling it gave him to leave marks on his man. Christie
shouted and tried to jump back. Robert held on, gentling the
bite into a sucking kiss, holding on until he managed to suck up
a dark mark. Then he allowed Christie to move back slightly. He
admired the visible proof of his connection to his soldier. Then
Robert released Christie’s hips, pulling the other man’s hands
from his shoulders and placing them on the partially undone fly.
    “Finish taking them off babe. I want to taste you.”

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  1. Snogging is the best way to spend a Sunday, definitely and I loved your kiss that adds so much to my Sunday Snog cause! :)


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