Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Five: Flash Postponed til after hand is X-rayed

Five reasons Fridays rule?
1)The Awesome Eric Goltz from Twisted Tiki Tattoo sat with me and answered some questions to help me get into the head of Phillip, the tattoo artist MC from my upcoming novel, The Flight of a Thousand Cranes.
2)The Stupendous Anne Kwitchoff, Landlady extraordinaire, answered my clogged toilet distress call within an hour and had the plummer here ASAP. She rocks as a landlady.
3)The suspiciously bruised place on my right hand is on my right hand, and not my left...I am left handed.
4)My critique group is fully amazing.
5)I received my author copies of the print edition of my book today.

Okay, I'll check the entries in the contest for a print copy of S& ST in the morning before I head off to the hospital, so the winner can contact me with email/snail mail information.

And by the way?


My hand flipping hurts.

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  1. Oh no, Cherie! I am so sorry you hurt your hand. I will try not to tap my foot over here waiting for the next installation of Fire and Ice since you are obviously in pain. But, that's the only reason I am being patient. LOL! Hugs to you! Hope you are pain free soon!


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