Sunday, January 6, 2013

Worth A Thousand Words--The Penultimate Snog

I thought I'd share the penultimate snog from Worth A Thousand Words, as it's due to release next week. Heh. Enjoy, and make sure you get yourselves over to the original home of the SNOG~~Chez Bliss. Yes, go visit with Victoria Blisse, check out her snog and then scroll do to find a list of other bloggers and authors sharing snogs all across the world. Mmmm, mmmm, good. Muah!

The Penultimate Snog~~Worth A Thousand Words

His long, thick lashes fluttered down to touch his dangerously tempting cheekbones, and then fluttered up one last time. “Mine. Say it for me, Adrien.”
Adrien’s breath caught in his chest. “Yours. Oh, hell, yeah, all yours, Devon.”
Devon’s eyes closed again. “Remind me to tell Michael I still owe him that favor. Cause meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me.”
Devon stayed every single night after that, only going home to shower and change clothes, and once to see Mrs. Simpson. She rescheduled the rest of his appointments for early morning when he’d have to be gone anyway, or early evening when another family member could sit with Adrien. Devon told Adrien his boss had fudged a little paperwork and given him family medical leave.
Adrien quickly braced his side and laughed. “What did you do, flutter those Soto lashes at him?”
Devon kissed him quiet.


Yes, yes, I know it's really short. But... I have one word for you. Epilogue. He he he.


  1. so tell me, what does been a dragon solider mean :) i had to ask lol

    1. Derek, a Dragon Soldier is a Chemical Operations Specialist. Decon, Recon or Smoke. :)


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