Saturday, January 12, 2013

Seductive Saturday Studs : Inaugural Edition

So, my fellow author of m/m literature asked me if I'd be interested in joining a weekly event called #SaturdaySeductiveStuds
That was a question that needed asking? he he he 
There's a group of us participating and it looks to be loads of fun. Come on, join in, have a good time with all the sexy studs you can handle. :)

Here I am, and better yet, here are my boys By Any Other Name, the third book in my Rescue Twinks series. (there will be more about what exactly a rescue twink is... look for that post later today. :)

Hot Off the Presses... No, Really. I just wrote this. In fact, I'm writing it right now, okay. Geez, no pressure or anything, is there? 


By Any Other Name

"You can't keep doing this Michael."
Andy stomped his small foot  and threw both hands in the air. Gah, this was just too much. After he'd forbidden Michael's showing up at his house unannounced any more, the big idiot had taken to showing up at Andy's job--eh, to be fair, it was really where they both worked. Andy was even Michael's boss. For crying out loud, they guys down in the security office were having a field day with the fact that one of Andy's faux-Santas from the Christmas Village kept showing up when he was off shift to work on Andy's car. Andy stomped his foot again, completely exasperated.

Michael grinned. "If you'd just let me buy you a decent car, I wouldn't have to spend so much time fixing this old clunker up, babe."

Andy ground his teeth together, and then marched forward. Grabbing hold of Michael, he pulled at the larger man's arm, attempting to pull him around. Michael just grunted, not moved a single inch despite Andy giving the effort his all. Andy lifted a booted foot to kick Michael's--well, he couldn't reach the damn giant's ass. He could kick him in the shin though. 

Michael set his wrench down with a clang, spinning around to catch Andy around the waist and lift him right off his feet. He took two steps down the side of the car, and then pressed Andy up against the side of the vehicle.

"Andy. Babe, I told you what happens when you misbehave. Do you remember?"

Andy's voice shook as he replied, and his heart raced. "You kiss me?"


  1. I loved it. Lighthearted and sexy. Michael has a funny way to punish misbehavior. Somehow it doesn't sound like punishment at all :)

  2. nom nom nom! OMG! I'm so hooked. Just downloaded the 1st in the series. I was excited for this bloghop anyway - but the fact it is adding to my huge 'to read pile'? YES!

    I hope that when this comes out there will be a picture of the decorated car on the front. LOL

  3. I like the interaction between these two. Such fun. And I find the size difference interesting as well. The part where Andy had to kick Michael's shin because he couldn't reach a higher body part with his boot made me laugh. Great teaser!

    (And just in case this blogspot comment box doesn't want to sign me in properly, this is Jade Crystal.)

  4. Love the excerpt.

  5. This sounds great!! Loved the excerpt!

  6. Thanks for the excerpt and the hop!



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