Monday, January 14, 2013

More Monday Madess with some Seven and Seven

Oi! Someone tagged me yesterday... can't recall who... Lex Valentine? Jackie Nacht? I dunno... so, 7th or 77th page, 7th line down, 7 lines... is that how it goes?

From Worth A Thousand Words.

Adrien crumpled down to the floor in stages,
shaking all over. He sat on the cold floor tiles between the
little bunched up mess he’d made of his favorite throw rug
when he slipped earlier and the vanity. He didn’t do
anything else, just sat rocking back and forth, back and
forth until the shower ran cold, and the pounding in his ears
stopped. Then he wobbled to his feet, stumbled into his
bedroom and crawled into bed. Pulling the duvet over his
head, he decided the whole damned day needed a do-over.
He tossed and turned, and then pulled the pillow Devon had
slept on over to bury his face in.

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