Saturday, January 12, 2013

What the Heck are Rescue Twinks, Anyway?

Despite the fact that these sexy, glittery boys have been dancing around in my head for quite a while, not everyone has the same luxury... this little factlet was brought to my attention by the very helpful comment by CatherineLee (and isn't that a cute name? I may have to name a character in my Matefinder's INC series after her!)

Here's what  Catherine said...okay, maybe I shoulda been hip to this before someone had to beat me over the head and shoulders with it, but hey, even I can catch a clue-by-four if you yell "look" when you throw it... 

Catherine LeeJanuary 10, 2013 9:50 PM
"Rescue Twinks" series? What does that mean? I must not be hip to the lingo."

Er, no, Catherine. I'm just sailing through the world most of the time in a haze of smexy character confusion, wondering why everyone else can't see all the very hot and cute things that I do... until some sane and kindly person reminds me that not everyone lives at 69 Freakodilia Street with me. LOL.

Well, let's start at the beginning, shall we?

The Rescue Twink Novels all started with an over enthusiastic glitter application gone bad... my daughter, aka the kidlet, had decided to sprinkle blue and gold glitter in her hair.

*mind you, this was over a year ago and I am still finding bits of glitter everywhere*

When I chastised her about the two full bottles of glitter she'd glued into her hair with an almost equally copious amount of hair gel (using up the entire amount her mum--that's me, guys) had allotted for the next two and a half weeks. 

*insert long-suffering sigh here... or, you know, a giggle*

Then, a few weeks later, at a bus stop on a very cold day, the two of us decided that jabbering about glitter and it's many uses would keep our minds off being cold... and voila, the Rescue Twinks were born...

It still makes no sense? 
Okay, I'll let the boys explain it themselves... this is a snip from Worth A Thousand Words, where Michael explains Glitter Alerts and the Twinks...

Rose paused as he came to the mouth of the driveway. Paying close attention to the cars zipping up and down Genesee Street, he whipped the Jeep out into the first available opening. Once they were in the flow of traffic and headed back towards Rose’s place, he continued. “So there were… let me see… eight of the guys who were always getting picked on, as far back as middle school. They were really why Mama Jimenez and I started the school’s chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance. But what we didn’t know was that even before we started that, they were kinda watching out for each other.”
Devon turned to rest one shoulder against the passenger side door. “Go on. What did they do?”
Rose chuckled, lifting one hand from the steering wheel to push his bangs back from his forehead. Devon bit his tongue to keep from suggesting Rose get a real haircut and stop sporting the Justin Bieber hair-do he presently wore. Rose’s voice broke into his musings. Laughter threaded through his words.
 “They had this whole code worked out for what they called Glitter Alerts.”
A bright yellow sports car cut them off, and Rose broke off for a moment to curse them out in two different languages. Huh. Devon hadn’t realized Rose swore so fluently in Arabic. Rose maneuvered the Jeep quickly around the offending vehicle before continuing his story about Adrien and his friends.
“Yeah, so anyway, they had a code for freaking damn near every single thing you could think of, all broken down in to colors and levels of glitter. Most of the average idiots at our school never figured out what the Twinks were up to. They just went on thinking they were all especially gay little gay-boys, and writing them off. But Adrien and his Twinks protected more marginalized high school kids than ever knew about it, and all without ever breaking one of their pretty little nails. Well, except for Adrien, of course. He was always klutzy.”
Devon settled properly back into his seat, adjusting the safety belt over his chest. He watched the scenery go by for a moment, half his brain busy being fascinated by the old headstones of the cemetery they were passing. “Glitter Alerts?”
Rose snorted. “Yeah, Sarge. Color, level—I guess they’re kind of like Threat-Con levels for the military, but way more complex. They worked out a way to get appropriate help for every bullying situation they’d ever faced or heard about someone else getting caught up in. Adrien and Sam would have these marathon planning sessions where they strategized about how to help the kids who didn’t know how to ask for help.”


  1. *feeling oddly smug, for some reason...*

  2. Cute story. Its funny how things can become a story.

  3. Okay, I was just going to think "that's a cool beginning for a story" and go on my merry way without commenting, but I just can't go without telling you how much "69 Freakodilia Street" made me laugh. I know exactly what you mean...I think I must live right across the hall, lolol.

    (It's Jade Crystal...blogspot doesn't like to leave my name, lol.)

  4. Tracy Faul... too damn cute. Check your inbox, minion!

    Laura, it is funny, isn't it?

    I was a little worried when you moved to the neighborhood, Jade, but then I realized you weren't all proper and normal and... well, suffice to say, that I'm thanking my lucky panties that you'll be likely to fit right in here on Freakadilia Street. :)

  5. Thanks for clearing that up for me, I was wondering the same thing as CatherineLee. Can't wait to read this series!


    P.S. I think I'm supposed to say I read this for the SNSN blog hop? Something like that?

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