Thursday, January 10, 2013

Great Expectations~Something Naughty

Today marks the beginning of the Something Naughty, Something New Blog Hop that Lisabet Sarai and Jennifer Wright were kind enough to invite me along for. I'm absolutely thrilled to be taking part in this fun romp, and wanted to make sure I said so right at the beginning. So, just in case you were wondering, this is how I feel about the hop: Let the Snoopy Dancing Begin!!


What, you say, has Cherie finally flipped her lid? Nah. Not at all. I've simply decided that this year is going to be absolutely stellar. I've got big, big plans for my characters, and that means loads more things for you all to read. :) 

I'll be updating the blog throughout the hop, with snippets from some of the things that will be coming down the pipeline, as well as a couple of "behind the scenes" introspective looks on where these crazy characters come from, how they develop, who is really telling the stories (cause babies, it sure ain't me) and a load of other info.

Get ready, cause Great things are heading your way. As the day winds on, I'll be posting my first behind the scenes look at the making of Worth A Thousand Words, book two in my Rescue Twinks series... and the first prize I'm offering up in the hop. Be sure to check back regularly, and comment, cause each new post  you comment on is another entry in the contest. :)  So, without Further Ado, I give you a naughty little taste of the boys from WATW...

Worth A Thousand Words
Devon flashed a slashing white pirate’s grin at him, and then dropped down onto the bed as sexy-boneless-rum-soaked-hot as Johnny Depp in the first Pirates movie. Adrien shivered and sighed. Devon continued forward, crawling up and over Adrien with the sinuous grace of a jungle cat. Then he leaned forward, purring his response to the question Adrien had nearly forgotten, and—oh, sweet heavens—murmuring it directly into the sensitive shell of Adrien’s ear. “Silly, silly Adrien… the only stunner here is you.”
A moment later Adrien remembered the advertising for Liquid Silk and sent up a fervent prayer of thanks. The pump really did work easily one handed. Devon had one hand wrapped around the underside of Adrien’s jaw, stroking the skin from just under his chin to the top of his throat. He lifted Adrien’s right leg up over his left shoulder, running the hand on that side down along the thigh until he came to Adrien’s plump ass. Devon made a low noise, not quite a growl, not quite a moan but somehow both and neither. Then there was the spreading lube around on the nerve rich area around his anus. Devon ran his slick fingertip around and around the tightly furled opening, waiting until the muscles began to loosen before pushing just the tip of his finger in.
Adrien opened his mouth, a tiny noise escaping from the back of his throat as he fought to dredge up a single coherent thought. Nothing came to him, nothing except, “More…”
Devon just smiled his pirate smile again. The shushing, plastic rubbing, clicking noise of the lube’s pump tickled Adrien’s ears at the same moment Devon thrust his finger fully in.
Adrien pushed back, wanting more, wanting now. Just wanting... “Ahhh.”
Devon pulled his finger out, circled the rim, and then thrust two in with slow deliberation. Adrien’s breath caught in his throat. Turning his face sharply to the left, he opened his mouth over the pad of muscle below Devon’s thumb, licking and suckling the spot. Devon’s hand tasted of salt, coffee, and man. Adrien was hard pressed to keep himself from biting hard enough to break the skin. He wanted to put his mark on this man.
“Shhh…shhh…shhh…” Devon leaned down, nuzzling into the side of Adrien’s neck, strewing tiny butterfly kisses along his jaw and murmuring all the while. The frenzied, wild thing rising in Adrien stilled, curled about itself and lay quiescent.
“It’s okay, baby. You’re okay. Shhh…”
More lube and another finger and then Adrien heard what had Devon murmuring and nuzzling and gentling him like some poor wild thing trapped in the glass and metal confines of a city. His own voice keening out in a continuous low wail of broken trust and disillusion made the hairs on his arms stand straight up and he couldn’t stop. Adrien clutched at Devon, fingers digging in. The bite he’d begun to relax closed back, breaking the skin this time. Devon grunted, and then pressed his big thumb into the pressure point just at the hinge of Adrien’s jaw.
Adrien’s mouth sprang open, and the noise grew to wails. Devon continued to murmur, nonsense sound and endearments. He lifted his bloody hand to Adrien’s jaw again. “Babe. You gotta put the condom on. I can’t do it. One hand’s all covered in slick and the other’s bleeding. If I use that hand we might as well ditch the condom, and we’re not doing that anytime soon, much as I’d like to be bare inside you. Adrien, look at me. That’s right look at me. I got you, but you gotta help me.”
   Whimpering, Adrien nuzzled into Devon’s hand. He needed to do what Devon wanted. Anything to keep Devon close, get him closer. Adrien reached out, hand scrambling around on the sheets searching for the condoms Devon had tossed down. His hand closed over a small square packet, cool and slippery against the soft cotton of the bedding. Devon lowered himself down, pinning Adrien in place with his body. “Adrien, focus for me, okay babe? I’m going to lift up enough for you to reach the goods here. Don’t—that’s precision equipment there, beautiful. Try not to knock it out of calibration, alright? That way you get a better ride, right?”
Adrien laughed then, surprised that he could, a little grossed out by the snot bubbles he could feel in his nostrils. Devon just gave him that same wicked pirate grin. Grabbing up the condom packet, Adrien nodded. “… yeah… I can do that.”

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  1. So many authors, so little time. Hops like this are great!

  2. The boys from WATW are obviously hot, hot, hot. I haven't read the first book, but it sounds like a great series.
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  3. Hi, I'm happy to see this excerpt! I'd love to read more, thanks!

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  4. If you haven't read the first book, The Counterfeit Claus, just click on the link (the cover) at the upper right of the blog here, and it will take you to a page where you can download the first Rescue Twinks story for FREE. :)

  5. The excerpt was really a teaser! want to read more please.

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  6. "Rescue Twinks" series? What does that mean? I must not be hip to the lingo.
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    1. The term is explained in full in Worth A Thousand Words. They are a group of twinks... twenty something's mostly slender and the physical types stereotypically considered "in need of rescue" But instead, they've set up a mostly fool-proof safety net for one another. Over the years the boys have known each other, they've grown so adept at rescuing each other that they are starting to branch out into rescuing the 'alpha' men in their lives.

  7. LOVEEE the cover! Thanks for the tease as well!! Definitely leaves one wanting and practically begging for more!

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  8. Great excerpt! That's all I can say great!
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  9. I've read the first one, now I'm intrigued about this one. I'd love to take a shot at winning this one. Thanks!


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    I'm sure you'll fulfill all your expectations for the new year - and more!

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  20. I want to thank everyone who took time to participate in this wonderful blog hop, and to comment here. Special thanks go to Lisabet and Jen, the hostesses with the mostesses.... You guys all rock my socks off. :)

    I'll be announcing the winner of the giveaway on tomorrow's post, so stay tuned!

  21. Thanks for the excerpt, I can't wait to read this book!



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