Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday's Snog: By Any Other Name

I know, I know... I was JUST talking about these boys yesterday. Well, geez, you didn't think I'd actually leave you hanging like that, did you? 

Ready, Steady Go, go, go... Get Thee to The Original Home of the Sunday Snog (er, right after you read this one, my lovelies...) and check out all the amazing smexiness going on all over the world. :) No, really. Victoria Blisse has set up an amazing thing here, bringing us a tasty treat every single Sunday. Go on. Get you some.

A Hot Off The Presses Snippet of my current wonderful WIP:
By Any Other Name ~ A Rescue Twinks novel


"Andy. Babe, I told you what happens when you misbehave. Do you remember?"

Andy's voice shook as he replied, and his heart raced. "You kiss me?"

Michael bent his head, his deep blue eyes twinkling. A rakish little smile tipped on corner of his mouth up. “You know it babe.”

Andy let his inclinations overcome his good sense, just this once. He let his head fall back, expecting to feel the cold roof of his old car against his hair. Instead a big, warm hand cradled the back of his skull. A pleased smirk flickered across his cupid bow mouth right before Michael's firm lips pressed against his. Andy closed his eyes. If he couldn't see the look on Michael's face, he could pretend that a man like Michael would want to kiss him for something besides a behavior modification method.

Michael reached up with his other hand, cupping Andy's jaw and applying a slight pressure against the side. Andy obligingly opened his mouth. Even if it didn't mean anything, he'd learned over the past couple of weeks that Michael kissed exactly the way Andy liked best, wet and deep with a hint that he wouldn't take no for an answer. 

Andy moaned when Michael tightened his grip on both the back of his head and jaw simultaneously. Micheal slid his fingers deeper into Andy's hair, pulling enough to make his scalp sting a tiny bit. Andy melted, going utterly boneless with one exception. His cock hardened in a rush, pushing and pulsing against the front of his black dress pants.

Michael leaned into him hard, chest pressing him hard against the top of the car. He released Andy's jaw, sliding that hand down along Andy's neck to his shoulder. Michael kept the hand moving, running it down Andy's side to his hip. When he reached the hip, he squeezed hard, pulling his head back at the same time.

Andy opened his eyes, a whimper slipping from his lips at the same time. “No, don't stop.” 

Michael grinned. “Well, I'm not sure that's much of a punishment. Maybe next time you're naughty I ought to not kiss you. And, seriously, Andy... we better stop, or you won't have a job either.”

Andy hung his head. Darn it. Michael was here about Adrien's job. Of course he was here about Adrien's job--there was no reason for him to be harassing Andy otherwise.


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