Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday: Up to No Good Cause Bad is Better

Listen, Babies...
I have to be brief today, cause my internet is being mean, and I've had to schlep all my stuff over to Mick D's to write you today. S'okay, you are all worth the extra effort. I do have a fuck-ton of work to do, though, and I've kinda gotta keep it as streamlined as possible...

So, bearing that in mind...I'm not sure what to share today. See, I just got edits back, and I'm working my way through them as fast as my fingers will fly. So I don't wanna post anything from that. I just sent a supa-cool story in to Silver for the first weekly Silver Short dohicky, but I can't post that yet...heh. You should keep your eyes peeled though, cause it is smoking hot. No fooling. I could give you some more of The Faery Tree, but I'm about  to completely rip chapter 5 apart and do it over....and I don't want to post the old version.

Le Sigh. Maybe you'd like to read my Top Gun slash? You may have missed it over at Chicks and Dicks yesterday, so how's about I just post a handy dandy link to  The Iceman Cometh , and you can toddle over there to read it.

Oh, and that was really my Tuesday Triumph. In case you're wondering. :) The whole, having a byline over at C&D. Cause I think that blog rocks.

I'll see you tomorrow, and big ginormous smoochies to you.

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  1. So glad you're doing Silver Shorts! I am too!



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