Sunday, January 15, 2012

An Unedited Snog from The Faery Tree

The following is a test of the Faemergency Broadcast System. 

This is only a test. 

In the case of an actual Faemergency, please proceed to the you local Faexpediton outfitter to gather supplies, and get your sorry ass to the Tonawandas, asap. When you reach the Tonawandas proceed with all haste to the Faery Tree and pass through the portal. There will be Fae trained in Human handling standing by to administer mouth to mouth excitation.


Ee-an stood, back lit and perfectly framed in the dark wood of the door frame. He wore a pair of black leather trousers that molded to his firm thighs with loving devotion. And that was it. The pants laced up the front, but were only laced half way. I could see a light trail of dark hair leading down from his bellybutton to where the waist of the pants would lie if they were closed all the way. There the—oh so happy—trail broadened. His torso was gloriously bare. My gaze wandered across sculpted pecs, down across a firm mid-section which hinted at a six pack and then back up to the rounded tops of his well muscled shoulders.
Oh yeah.
I could so see myself holding onto those broad shoulders as he fucked all sense out of me up against a wall. I must have whimpered again at that point, because the next thing I knew Ee-an was easing me back down against the bed, his brow crinkling up and his lips pinching together.
“Thomas? Are you in pain?”
His warm brown eyes searched my face, peering into my eyes as though he could see my very soul. I blinked owlishly up at him and then did possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. I ran the tips of my fingers across the stubble lining his jaw and traced the outline of his plush lips.
“So soft…”
Ee-an’s eyes darkened, and his nostrils flared.
Score. Maybe not the dumbest thing I’d ever done then.
He pulled in a deep breath, drawing my eyes and my stupid hands to his chest. His nipples hardened as I watched. He leaned down toward me, pausing just before his lips would have brushed my mouth.
“I’m going to kiss you now unless you give me aught reason I hsouldn’t.”
I moaned again, closing my eyes and opening my mouth. Ee-an’s lips lit upon my own as lightly as the brush of butterfly wings, once and again. Then he sealed his lips carefully over mine, slid his tongue into my mouth stroked it along mine teasingly. His hands slid over my chest, and I cursed the invention of clothing. My shirt kept me from feeling the rasp of his skin on mine. I could feel the heat though, and I thought in that moment that I could happily spend the rest of my life right here, with his tongue in my mouth and his hands on my body. Only in a perfect world, this would happen with far less clothing between us. A guy’s gotta have goals, you know?
After a bit the damned inconvenient necessities of life, like oxygen, got in the way of the best kiss I’d ever been blessed to participate in. Ee-an pulled back slowly, brushing my lips with his own, ending the kiss just as he’d started it, with a whisper across my lips.
Again I found myself blinking up into his melted chocolate eyes without two thoughts to rub together in my brainpan. I realized that my hips were straining upward; seeking to press my painfully hard cock against any part of him I could reach. I forced my over eager body to relax back down onto the bed.
“I…best kiss ever. Again?”
This concludes our test of the Faemergency Broadcast System.
This test is brought to you through the donations of Rooster & Pig Publishing.
Picture provided by Tim Trail, Graphics by Rooster & Pig Publishing.

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  1. Brilliant Post!!! I feel in need of an emergency lie down now (with a hot man!) ;)

  2. My name is Vicktor Alexander and I approve this smexiness. LOL.

  3. ROFL. Love it. Also love the title of your blog (as well as the look.)


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