Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Teaser: An Unedited Excerpt from The Faery Tree

Okay, Babies...
Hot off the press, as it were, an exclusive peek at my upcoming release.

The Faery Tree: Tonawanda Faery Tales Book 1

Double Damn.
I’d spent the night with Ee-an and had no fracking memory of it. I quickly clenched my asscheeks together. Nope, there was no lingering soreness there. I guess he hadn’t taken advantage of my weakened state.
Ee-an kept speaking, and I forced my mind to catch up with the real life happenings going on right in front of me rather than swimming through the infinite sea of my imaginings. Ee-an shook his head. Quirking a brow at me he spoke, his expression making it obvious that he was repeating something he’d already said.
“Do you know when your brother and daughter will be back from visiting your friends in Pennsylvania?”
I blinked at him.
His voice was getting me hard again.
“I—uh, they should be home by this afternoon.”
Ee-an nodded, his eyes crinkling as he smiled.
“Do you want to stay here until they get back? You know, just so you won’t be on your own.”
I opened my mouth to suavely reply to that ordinary question. But, of course, being me meant that it could never be that simple. I listened in horror to the words spilling from my traitor mouth.
“Wait? Like, naked waiting? Is that code for sex?”
Ee-an took a step back, his mouth falling open and his eyes widening as his face flooded with color. His sultry voice shook as he stammered his way through a response.
“No—not naked. It—I—that is here. Stay. I mean you should stay in your clothes. And wait. For your brother and, ah—I’m going to make us some lunch. S-ssalad? I’ll toss a salad. No. I—I mean I’ll make salad. Caesar.”
Ee-an fled to the kitchen, but I was not dismayed. The sight of the enormous erection he sported while running from the room smacked into my awareness like a solid oak clue-by-four. Hah. Those two functioning brain cells I have kicked into action and told me that the big hunk who’d all but run screaming into the other room was all mine even if he wasn’t aware of it yet.
 Caesar salad sounded like a fine entrĂ©e, but I was shooting for an appetizer that the chef hadn’t listed on today’s menu. An evil grin stretched my ordinary lips wide. A filthy little chuckle worked it’s way up through my chest to ring through Ee-an’s room.
“I think I’ll start with a protein shake. I am a growing boy after all.”


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