Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Snog: A kiss and makeup snog from The Faery Tree

A sweet little kiss-and-make-up scene from The Faery Tree.

Crawling up out of darkness proved to be difficult. It was warm there, and firm, and there was a distinct thudding sound which soothed me. The bed moved beneath my cheek, and I was startled into wakefulness.
“What is it with you and me and beds?”
No brain to mouth filter existed for me in the first few minutes of consciousness. I’d forgotten that. There wasn’t usually anyone around for me to talk to when I first woke but Lily and Steven, and my interactions with them never required a filter. Well, except the kind to make my language child appropriate. And at this point, after so many months of having Lily in our lives, Steven and I both were pretty kid-friendly, linguistically speaking.
“Ah…you and I and beds…I find this a topic truly worthy of study, my little one.”
I bristled at both his tone and his word choice. I was not especially little, I was not his, and I didn’t care for his proprietary tone. He just wanted a quick fuck and no strings. What the hell was he doing in my bedroom, lying on my bed, snuggled up to me like we were lovers of long standing?
I was soooo gonna kick Steven’s ass—
“Please, liebling, do not blame your brother. I told him that we have decided to pursue a…what word do you say. A mating?”
I choked on my spit.
Not pretty, but it did break the tension. He told Steven we were a couple? That we were giving our relationship a go—like a long term thing and all?
“Relationship. W-we call it a relationship. Animals mate. People date and move in and marry.”
Ee-an watched me, his dark chocolate gaze glued to my face. He leaned in close to me, and his scent hit my nose. Just that quick I was hot, super hot, take all my clothes off and spread myself to get fucked through the mattress right this second hot.
I hated that he could do this to me.
Oh, snap.
What the hell had he just said to me?
“What? Are you—did you say that we—”
I waved my hands back and forth between the two of us. Ee-an nodded his head, a little chuckle escaping his throat. I swallowed thickly, unable to believe that my ears were working properly. I—holy shit! I ran out on him. I slammed my door in his face—well, not really, but in essence it was the same thing.
And he came back.
My stupid eyes started to water.
“I bet Steven’s getting dinner ready.”
Ee-an’s brow crinkled up. He held perfectly still except for the way his eyes widened slightly. I hastened to explain my random seeming statement, so that he wouldn’t think I was any crazier than he already did.
“Onions. Somebody’s gotta be cutting onions.”
He smiled. The expression was a slow and steady warming of his already beautiful, manly face. Reaching up with one hand, he ran a finger up my cheek to feather across the lashes on my eyelids.
“Is there shame among your people when a man shows that his heart has been touched? It is not so with my people.”
My breath caught in my chest.
“I knew you had to be a foreigner. You have that gorgeous accent. And just so we’re clear, my eyes are not full of emotion. It’s onions. Or maybe some dust.”
Ee-an’s smile turned tender, and that damn dust got so thick I could barely see. He didn’t speak, thankfully. Pulling my head back down to his chest, he pressed his lips to my temple and began to croon a song to me in the weirdly lyrical language he’d used before. I liked the song. I had no idea what it meant, of course, but the sound of it made me feel languid and peaceful. The feel of his strong arms wrapping around me didn’t hurt either.
I snuggled a little harder into his chest. Oh, I could so get used to this. Tracing tiny circles on the cool silk covering his chest, I pondered what he’d said…or rather, what he’d tried to say, and figured it was time to bite the bullet.
“What were you trying to tell me earlier?”


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  1. Verra nice. And I totally understand what Thomas is going through! People cut up onions around me all the time and there's always dust in the air, sometimes you just can't fight the moisture.

    *I am The Vic and I approve this Sunday Snog*

  2. Fighting against arousal is always so hard (hee hee) to do. Loved your snog! :)


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