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Twisted Tuesday: Part Two of the Double Header with Vicktor Alexander and Karenna Colcroft

Sorry Babies,
the techno idiot, aka moi, ran into some severe challenges yesterday and as a result ended up taking a whole extra day to get Vicktor's stuff up.

You'll forgive me once you see the AhMahZing Interview though.


And I can't even take credit for it being so amazing.

*pouts* The equally amazing Lady A. did a bang-up job of interviewing Vic...all I had to do was get the stuff to post to my finicky blogspot...


The AhMahZing Interview of Vicktor Alexander
a shocking lot of goodness in two parts...or more...

Lady A: Hi Vic! So, tell me about The Tate Pack series. What are the books about? What inspired you to write them?

Vic: The Tate Pack series is about a bunch of shape-shifting cowboys who all find their mates in the most unlikeliest of suspects. The Alpha's mate is a dancer (in Tate Pack Book One, Unthinkable) and his Beta's mate is a cross-dressing performer (in Tate Pack Book Two, Inconceivable). What inspired me to write them? Well, while there are a few cowboy/paranormal stories out there, I had yet to read any where the mate was such a contrast to the shifter. And *I* love finding those characters that either get dismissed or ridiculed by others in the community. Unthinkable actually started as a totally different book, but after I started writing it the story changed drastically.

Lady A: What are you working on now?

Sneaky Cherie: *laughter--from moi, Cave hostess extraordinaire...what isn't Vic working on?*

Vic: I am working on quite a number of things (glares at Cherie) actually. I am finishing up the first round of edits for the first book in my Passion's Hero series. The book is entitled The Alpha King, and is a futuristic, sci-fi, paranormal set in a new world with elements of mpreg, mystery, suspense,tragedy, and family drama.

Sneaky Cherie: *imagine trying to find a tidy way to list that one--the mind boggles...I can't wait to read it*

Still the Vic: I'm also finishing up a Hanukkah novella (Wooing Elijah) that I'm co-writing with author Cherie Noel. I'm writing a book entitled Love's Enslavement. It has absolutely nothing to do with BDSM.

Sneaky Cherie: *O.O Really?*

Still the Vic: *ignoring the sneaky one* Love's Enslavement  is an interracial historical romance with elements of suspense, war, and disability. Honestly, I think that LE is going to be one of my favorite and probably one of my most heart-wrenching books. I'm working on a contemporary story called Daddy's Boy--

Sneaky Cherie: I love this one. It's holy shit good. Just sayin...

Still the Vic: ahem...as I was saying, I'm also working on book Three of The Tate Pack, Unassumed, and another contemporary (and yes, this one IS BDSM) called Mark Me. Mark Me will be the first in a new series, The Dom. Also working on my first Virgin Special Forces story, The Alpha Team, the Last Men on Earth series (first book is Discovery), my Damien & Roman series (first book is Damien & Roman: Forever). Warning--this one? Is very gritty. Don't pick it up unless you are ready to deal with some tough reality and have your heart used as a punching bag. *raises eyebrow* Got that?

There's Light the Way, The Agean Tasks, and cUm: Chance, Utopia & Micah...and...whew...I think that's it for now.

Sneaky Cherie: *opens mouth. Intercepts scathing look from Lady A. Shuts mouth.*

Lady A: How many works in progress do you have?!? Last time I tried to count, my eyes started to blur. *gentle laughter*

Vic: It is a very good thing that you're asking me this today, as the answer tomorrow will probably be very different. I currently have about 92 WiP's. These are books that I've gotten ideas for and have already sketched out the outline and the main characters for, and done character notes and chapter outlines for. That's not including the six "flat puppy" ideas that I've just written down while we talked.

Sneaky Cherie: *geez. Makes a girl feel intimidated...and oddly energized. If the Vic can do that much...smacks self on head. Ducks out of Lady A's sight*

Lady A: *tossing haughty look in direction of sneaky Cherie, and then smiling graciously at the Vic* 
How many of them have you actually started?

Vic: Are we talking actually started writing the first chapter? Because that would be about 80. If we're talking sketched out? Then all 92. If you're talking about the ones that I write a little in every day, I think it's about 9 or 10. You can see them listed above, where you asked what I was working on now.

Lady A: How is cUm coming? And how is TAK shaping up?

Sneaky Cherie:*sneaking a peek around Vic. Rats. Lady A. has her eye on me.*

Vic: cUm. LOL. The name of that book makes me chuckle every time I think of it. It is coming along very well. Chance and Micah haven't met just yet, still doing some world building right now, setting the stage if you will, but I do think that it's going to be a very enjoyable book. I know that when I sit down to start writing it I always end up having a nice little chuckle.

TAK? The Alpha King.  *Sigh* I swear I feel like I'm giving birth to this book. And for a gay man that is an amazing feat, I tell you what. The characters in this book, especially the main characters, Tal and Blaze, are so complex that every time I write them, I feel like I'm pulling back a new layer and discovering something that I hadn't seen in them before. It's fascinating. I love writing about them, and I love the fact that whenever I talk about them with other people they fall just as much in love with them as I do. TAK will hopefully be released toward the beginning of next year. *fingers crossed*

Sneaky Cherie: Ahem. Excuse me. Sorry Vic, Lady A., I'm afraid that's all we have time for today. But...Would you come back on Friday? I'm afraid I'm booked up tomorrow and Thursday...please?
*gazing out at the slew of readers eating up every word by the Vic and Lady A...*
Please? We can...um...run a contest? Who every leaves the most comments (one per day that Vic an Lady A. are present) until the end of the year gets a copy of something from the Vic's backlist? And if there's a tie for first we can have a drawing? What do you say?

Lady A.: well, if you behave yourself, Cherie. *sniffing in disapproval*

Vic: *openly laughing at Cherie* Sure. And what she said. *pointing at Lady A.*

Cherie: sure. Okay. Just come back. Please.

You can reach the Vic at his website: http://vicktoralexander.com/
Right, then. We'll have Lady A. and the Vic back on Friday. Tomorrow, I think (if we're lucky) we'll have the amazing Taylor V. Donovan, and then Thursday *shivers with excitement* Daniel A. Kaine returns.

Bye-bye Babies!

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