Monday, December 12, 2011

Manic Monday yet again

Hey there my lovelies,
I'm back with another installment of Manic Monday. And yes, the mania is in full effect. I have a book releasing today (did the e-release party on Saturday--when I had another Christmas story releasing O.O yes, two in less than a week...) you can find my two new books at the following locales...

Christmas Rum Balls is out at Silver Publishing...and the cover, by the amazing Reese Dante couldn't be more scrumptious, nor a better likeness of one of the main characters...can you guess which one?

Cuddle Time Chicken Soup released today (sounds of the hallelujah chorus being sung by the world's most talented choir) by MLR Press. Yes, yes, more of that uber-smexy duo, Christie and Robert from The Soldier and the State Trooper. I know. Merry fucking Christmas to you too.

Okay, on with the mania. I'm being hosted over at Charlie (the fabulous) Cochrane's blog today. Yee-haw babies. Freaking Charlie Cochrane ---->sings this part---->The Amazing!!  Is hosting me. I has arrived. Woo -hoo. 

More mania for the week. I am co-writing a Hanukkah story with the amazing Vicktor Alexander. Yes, the same Vicktor Alexander who wrote Unthinkable and Inconceivable the first two books of The Tate Pack Series...yeah baby, werewolves, cross-dressers, cowboys and dancers, oh my!! 


You know you wanna get some.

So, we've teamed up and we are planning on dropping a hot little Hanukkah piece by the 20th of this month....I'll let you know where and when. And *keep your fingers crossed* we may even sweet talk the incomparable LC Chase into gracing us with a custom cover. 

Other than that? You know. Normal life stuff. Building a menorah for the Vic. Building (finally) the storage unit so he has someplace to store his shite besides in his suitcases seems like every time we set time aside I get sick or he gets injured. 


Yeah, there's a ton more stuff, but I haven't time to write it all down as I must get to writing. But stay tuned for some awesome-sauce covered guest bloggers this month. *waggles eyebrows*


What's your take?