Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Charlie Cochrane Christmas : Getting What You Will

Okay, so the name Charlie Cochrane is synonomus with good reading material. We get that. What you may not know though is that today is the day you can get your hot little hands on the latest by the uber-talented CC...What You Will is hot off the presses at ManLoveRomance, and you can get your grubby mitts on it right freaking now.


*I know, Snoopy Dancing all around*

I sweet talked Charlie into coming over and giving us a little insight into what Christmas means in the Cochrane household, and a teensy taste of what we might find in store between the covers of What You Will.

Are you ready?

Heeeeeeeeeeeeres<------(a la Tonight Show mc...) Charlie!!!

Charlie, what do you love best about this time of year?

Everything. I’m like the worst sort of overexcited child. The Cochrane household is already full of: presents bought, wrapped and hidden away; cards written and ready to post; Christmas songs being sung by me and youngest daughter at annoyingly loud volume.
Specific events I’m looking forward to are the Christmas lights going on in our local town Romsey and then the late night shopping event there, which has lots of wonderful events happening. Can you imagine drinking mulled wine while sitting in a 13th century hunting lodge and listening to madrigals? Magic.www.charliecochrane.co.uk

What inspired your new story?

Shakespeare. I love his plays but I’ve always wanted to know what was going on in his life around the time he wrote both the early sonnets and the gender-bending plays such as As You Like It. Yes, I know he must have written about girls dressing as boys as his women were played by boys so it made good use of the raw material (and the epilogue to As You Like It is only funny if spoken by a boy playing Rosalind) but I’m convinced there’s more going on there.
When we went to see Twelfth Night (with Patrick Stewart as an amazing Malvolio) I kept wondering about the true relationship between Antonio the sea captain and Sebastian. It’s been nagging me ever since and had to be written one day. Where the Steampunk element came from is a whole other matter!
Have you got any funny tales from the holiday season you'd like to share?
Christmas is always amusing in our house and there are lots of family stories to share, like the year my mother-in-law had to hide the gin bottle because of overindulgence by all present at on New Year’s eve. And then she couldn’t find it the next day!
The younger Cochranes have been known to eat so much at Christmas dinner that they have to lie down on the floor before they can even face pudding. And to have had a touch too much to tipple; once we made them get up from the table and prove they could walk a straight line along the edge of the rug. Waviest straight lines I’ve ever seen…


Alright, 'nuf said, right? Did I not warn you that Charlie is not to be missed?

Just do eeeeet.

Get you some bay-bee!

My story: What you Will
Blurb: They say there’s no fool like an old fool. Antonio didn't count himself as old but he was more fool than any man ought to be who’s flown around the world and back again so often he might as well have just been going from Deptford to Dartford. There was a lad involved. There’s always a lad in the tale,  for such as him.
Website: www.charliecochrane.co.uk

Blog: http://charliecochrane.livejournal.com
And was there a happy ending? Now that depends on whether you believe what a certain playwright wrote, or whether you want the real story.

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