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Manic Monday Double Header Vicktor Alexander and Karenna Colcroft

Holy hotness.
Right, so I over booked...which just means you lovelies get more smexy goodness over at the Cave today! You get to double your pleasure today. I have a fun little interview with the AhMahZing Karenna Colcroft, and you best get comfy...cause once you read it, your gonna wanna get your hands on one or two of her books and laze the rest of the day away...

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Ready, steady, go-go-go, babies! Dive right into the opening pitch of our double header and see if you can catch everthing they are pitching (Vicktor and Karenna).

First up? Karenna Colcroft and her Vegetarian Werewolves

1) Why vegetarian werewolves?
Most of the werewolves are omnivores in human form and carnivores in wolf form, but Kyle Slidell was vegan before he was changed into a werewolf (in my novel Salad on the Side, which MLR Press released in June of this year). After he became a werewolf, he was just too stubborn to eat meat, even in wolf form. I used to teach special education and worked with a lot of boys who were very intelligent and very stubborn--even oppositional--but humorous and fun to work with, and I tend to have a soft spot for people like that and to create a lot of characters who fit that mold. Kyle's opposition to eating meat and refusal to follow the "rules" of being a werewolf were just plain fun to write.
2) What inspired the decided difference in your werewolves?
Kyle remaining a vegan was inspired by a conversation with some other writing friends one day. A hetero werewolf romance had just been released (my apologies, I've forgotten the author's name) with a hero described as a "reformed vegan", meaning apparently that he'd been vegan until he was changed into a werewolf, and then had started eating meat because he'd had no choice.
One of my friends asked, "How could a werewolf be vegan anyway?" I was bored that day, so I quickly wrote a scene, 1000 words or so, with a man waking up in wolf form, having gone through his first shift when he was changed, and panicking because he's vegan and the people around him bring him meat. That man was Kyle, and that scene is mostly intact in Salad on the Side.
3)What is your favorite thing about this time of year?
When it's over...Honestly, I'm a little Grinchy about Christmas, just like Tobias is in Tofurkey and Yams. I do like seeing how happy my younger daughter is about decorating the house, though; I've been letting her decorate for the past five years now because she does it better than I do!
 4) Tell us a tidbit about your wolves that we may not know but that is characteristic of some thing that is intrinsic to their personality.
Werewolves in general, in the world I've created, prefer structure. They really don't like it when things are left to chance or when there aren't obvious rules or guidelines. That's probably why they've created an entire governmental structure, complete with conferences and meetings to make sure things run smoothly. 

And then please tell me about your favorite character, either that you've written or read, and what in particular made them your favorite.
My favorite romance character that I've written--who may very well be my favorite of all my characters regardless of genre--is definitely Kyle Slidell. He's such a wiseass, and he's incredibly fun to write. He's cynical and mouthy and he doesn't like to take orders, but he's also loyal and is devoted to his mate, even if he doesn't always act like it.

How did your Christmas story come to be?
 I saw Kris Jacen mentioning something about Christmas stories that MLR Press authors were doing. Somehow I hadn't gotten an invite to the MLR authors' group at that point, so I hadn't known anything about the Christmas story call, but I mentioned to Kris that I was considering writing a story about Kyle and Tobias's first Christmas together because I'd gotten such good feedback about Salad on the Side, the novel that introduced the characters. She told me to go for it, so I did.

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