Saturday, December 10, 2011

CyberLaunch happening over at the Island!!

I couldn't help myself. He's just so damn hot. I know I wanna lick him like a lolly, or you a smexy man. Yum. So, anywho, the promo and prizes are happening over at the Island...but you get entered twice if you leave a comment in both places.
 *waggles eyebrows* 
So go here: leave a comment, and be sure to leave one here too for extra chances to win.
Good luck babies!

I'm also over at SJD Peterson's blog talking about what Christmas means to me. Click on the words-COOL ASS BLOG- and it will take you there. And then trip on over to the Chicks and Dicks blog to jingle your balls...heh.


  1. Oh Cherie, how can I count the ways you make me smile?


  2. He he. Grand comment. You are entered my friend. I already have an email addy for you. EVERYONE ELSE? Leave an addy, cause I won't chase you down to get it!!

  3. Yay for launch day! Go Cherie! Congrats!


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