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Tantalizing Tuesday

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Chapter Two ~ Starting at the Beginning

Calvin stared out the window of the Greyhound bus as they pulled out of the bus station in Marquette. He was gonna miss the hell out of Sean. The sun broke the horizon over Lake Superior just as the bus swung onto highway 41 though, and the orange glow over the water seemed to be pushing him forward. These last months in Marquette had been… shitty. Cal couldn’t explain why exactly. Just the whole never been no-where, never done nothing had gotten to the point where it just choked him from morning til night. Sometimes he woke up at two or three in the morning just crushed by the inertia of the place.

Cal wasn’t stupid. He knew for some people Marquette was a destination they’d never been to, someplace exciting and new. Not for him. The town was shitload of bars, a college campus that seemed to house the losers of the nation and the only things that made it worthwhile at all were Sean and the breakwall. And the breakwall had a goddamned fence up across the foot of it now because some dumb punk college kid with all his brains in his dick had gotten drunk and gone out there in a storm.

The boy died, and Cal thought that sucked, but he really couldn’t stand living in a place where it was a big fucking deal that they might get a Wal-Mart in a year or five without at least two things to make life bearable, and now he only had one. And after Sean’s parents both died he might only have none.


Sean’s folk dying was a great big shit sundae. Losing access to the breakwall after that was simply the cherry on top. Cal couldn’t even really be mad at Sean for bailing on their plans—the phone in the pocket of his fleece beeped at him.

“Big dork. You should be sleeping so you have energy when you get to Detroit. :p”

Sean sent the text with a picture attached of him crossing his eyes and sticking both fingers up his nose. Cal laughed.

“Dude. You are soooooooo the bigger dork. Wish you were here man.”

Cal hit send and then wished he could unsend the last sentence. The first one was fine, but the big ole slobbery ‘I miss you, man’ of the last one just reeked of Needy-Neddy-Nerd. He smacked his hand over his face. Guh.

Of course Sean didn’t let him get away with it.

“Nice Neddy moment there, bro. Hahahahahaha. Ur a dork.”

Sean sent five texts in a row then, one right after another. The first was just a close-up picture of Sean, his full lips all puckered up like he was about to lay one on the camera. Cal’s head pounded from the wine they’d drunk the night before and his heart thumped against the inside of his ribcage. In the next one the camera was pulled back far enough to show Sean’s naked chest and his hand pointing to the word ‘my’ written across it. Cal’s heart sped up a little. In the third photo, Cal wasn’t sure what—oh, hell no he didn’t—that was a pic of Sean’s ass.

Cal cracked up loud enough to earn himself a dark look from the bus driver. There were two more messages, and Cal accidentally skipped the fourth one and pulled up number five. A big ole fancy lollipop with rainbow swirls lay centered in the screen. Cal’s eyes grew huge in his face. He looked back down at the pic of the candy, and yep, there was most definitely a minus sign or dashy thing in front of the sucker.

Cal’s fingers flew over the keypad. He didn’t dare open the fourth text in public.

“Holy shit, Sean. Did you just call me a cock-sucker?”



The phone sat silent for nearly a half an hour before it beeped again. Cal very carefully closed it. He wanted to l—he wanted to kick Sean’s ass. What if he’d just opened that without paying attention? There coulda been a kid or something. Cal laid his head back against the seat and drifted as the lake slid by on his left. He fell into the first stages of a doze and then the phone beeped again.

“Sorry, bro. Blake had a nightmare, and then it was time to start his breakfast. He’s getting dressed now for school, so I have a few minutes before I have to go to work. Yeah, totally called you a cock-sucker. Even tho we both know that’s all me, lol.”

Cal’s heart squeezed impossibly small in his chest, a frightened mouse of an organ that couldn’t possible keep up with the ongoing demand for blood his six foot three frame called for. He didn’t know how to take Sean sending him a picture of his cock and ass. His finger hovered over the delete button for a full thirty seconds before he decided to keep the pictures. He’d keep them for purposes of potential future blackmail and proof that Sean was the bigger dork of the two of them.

Cal made it almost to the Mackinac Bridge before he looked at the fourth text. He went to the toilet before he opened his phone and pulled the text up, because really, he needed to take a piss. When Sean’s pic pulled up, Cal had just finished pissing, and he was shaking the last drops of urine from the tip of his dick, and the picture surprised him so much his hand tightened on his dick… and well, that’s all it takes when you’re eighteen and it’s been a while, right? So if he just happened to have a picture of his best friend’s cock staring him in the face and fully plump and hard with a drop of cream pearling up at the slit, and if the thought crossed his mind that Sean’s cream might taste different from his… and if that thought had him hard and aching and then coming all over the wall at the back of the nasty little bus toilet… well, that was normal. Right?



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