Monday, April 2, 2012

Manic Monday: ON the GO

Feeling rather like the white rabbit today. You know, the fellow from Alice in Wonderland who is always running around with his pocket-watch out and a stressed look on his furry little face? Well, I'm not that furry, but sure could use ten or twenty of me today to get all the things I'm doing done.


I've RL errands to run, two stories to put the finishing touches to, and a kazill-billion other odds and ends to accomplish. Gods it makes me do a little happy dance. I love to be busy doing things that I love.
Hope that you are all having a good day... and if not, declare a do-over and start again from right where you are. It will happen. No, really. Get you some good day right outta your back pocket and spread it all over your sky.

Then color yourself happy and get a move on. Cause something wonderful is waiting right around the corner. It might look bad, but with the right attitude? I'll bet you can find the silver lining.
Go on. Get you some.
Ta for now.
Must run.
Things to do, and Oi! I'm late.
*rushes out of the Cave, pocket-watch in hand*

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