Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Snark

Sonnet for a Drunken Lout

When the Worlds a bright and shiny place.
When I think on thee, oh Mike's Hard Lemonade,
and count myself lucky to have pineapple to mix with the crap that would otherwise
taste like Strawberryish cough medicine...
Oh so happily I think of thee oh Cosmo God and Dancing Bull Boy,
and my drunkenness, like slapper at the magic closing hour
rises in beauty and in fuckableness...
and I would scorn to change my barstool with f-ing Brad Pitt.

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  1. LOLOL

    I have discovered that I like mojitos (drinking is still a learning thing for me; I didn't ever start till a couple of years ago). Anyway...asked the hubby to stop on his way home from work a couple of months ago & pick me up a bottle of my fav mix -- Rose's mojito mix -- to go w/ my Bacardi Torched Cherry rum. Don't know if they were actually out or he just couldn't find it, but he brought me home a huge bottle of this pre-mixed vodka mojito stuff. I really don't care for vodka that much, but it's eminently drinkable mixed at least half and half with limeade (y'know, the frozen-from-concentrate stuff). Which is good, 'cause otherwise it'd sit in the fridge till our next party when half the guys get so drunk they don't care WHAT they're drinking as long as it has alcohol in it. :D


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