Monday, April 16, 2012

Manic Monday: The Short and Sweet of It

Up til 4am slept til 6am, back to bed at7 and up again at 9ish. If I seem a wee bit punch-drunk, blame the lack o'sleep and lower than average caffeine level in my bloodstream.

No, really.

Seriously though, things are looking shiny over here at the cave. I've got a brand spanking new (no silly babies, it doesn't have actual spanking in it...) banner in the works, and I also have a full plate of activities planned for the upcoming week.

I'm pleased to be able to announce that I finished my LiAW story yesterday, and am awaiting the final set of edits to come back so I can put the final polish on the story. :)

*grinning madly*

Also, have three dark horses running like mad to the finish line... er, that would be three stories that are nearing completion. Will keep y'all posted on what is going to be released first.

I know there's more... but seriously, I have to get back to work. No, really. And get more writing done so I have more stories out there to entertain you. :)

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