Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday on the Run... with Snark

Hey Babies,
I woulda posted this earlier, but I was doing some volunteer work with a local women's outreach program. It's called The Women's Respite Program, and was started about twenty-five years or so ago by this awesome nun named Sister Diane.

Sister Diane had seen a lot of women in the course of her work who were... well, just plain worn to a frazzle, and who had little to no hope of ever having a realio, trulio vacation. These were women living right at the hard edge of poverty, or fighting the big C (cancer) or Grandmothers suddenly back in the saddle and raising their children's children. Sister Diane thought that was a shame, so she decided to do something about it. What she did was create the retreat.

I went to the retreat last summer and it was truly a turning point for me. I found a place of peace in myself that I never knew was there. I found a love for myself and my fellow women that was uplifting and inspiring in a way I'd never experienced before...

I came away from that wanting to give back. So I do. I volunteer on the steering committee for The Women's Respite, and I love being able to do so. It's a gift and a blessing.


Snark time: I am trying to think of something witty and snarktastic to say... and I'm coming up empty... how about you all just go check out Tian and the boys giving an interview to Cedric over at the Immorytal Revolution?

Here's the addy.
Get there now, cause there's free stuff to be had.

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