Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Mania


Switched it up on you there. Because, well, mother nature is acting all nutty on me today, blustering and blowing honest to gosh snow flurries mixed with blech-cold rain squalls and generally mussing the lovely leafy crown of the tree in my yard that holds magic and mystery for me.
Silas (yes, I've named the damn tree. He looked like a Silas to me.) Anywho, he's pretty determined to make it through to summer with as many leaves intact as possible.

Okay, back to regularly scheduled Monday Madness. I am writing. And Editing when I get a chance. And I have a lot of both to do today.

Could someone possibly arrange to send me about twelve extra hours (kid-free) per day? I mean in addition to the normal twenty-four that come standard with life on earth...

Heh. Running off now. I need to get to the working on my WIPs section of the Cave pronto. I have characters threatening to riot over there.

No, really.

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  1. If you find a source for that time, would you pass it on to me? Puh-leeeeze?


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