Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday-Two times the fun redux!!!

So, I lied.

Whoa, hold up.

No need to panic.

You're still getting a second excerpt.

Just not the one I though I was going to post.

Carol and Alessandro were strangely quiet today. Normally those two can NOT be silenced.

Today it was Evans and Doc Bald Eagle from the sequel to my upcoming release. The new story is called; The Soldier & the Shaman.

And here's a little sneaky-peak, hot off the, er, presses...and by presses I mean straight out of the swamp I laughingly call my mind, no editing, not even by moi. Be warned.


Evans eyed the single drop of creamy white liquid running down the ridged surface of the waffle cone in Doc Bald Eagle’s big hand. It would be so easy to sneak a lick while he was distracted by Nikki’s long-winded tale of woe. Like taking candy from a baby. Simple as falling off a log. Heh.  
“Don’t even think about it Little Hawk.”
Damnit, how did the man do that? Evans tilted his head slightly to the side, glancing out of the corner of his eye. Sure enough, the big shaman’s eyes were trained on him like twin lasers. Shit. The guy was a freaky ice-cream hoarder. His tongue snaked out, luscious and pink, and swiped up the errant drop of vanilla goodness.
“You should share it with me Doc.”
The doctor arched one elegant brow at his young lover. So thought Evans, maybe that hadn’t been exactly the right approach.
A faint smile tipped the corners of the doctor’s lips up. Yes. Evans knew he was in. Once the doctor started to smile, even a little, he was putty. Warm, melty, been sitting in the sun putty. Evans turned the wattage on his smile up a notch, just to see if the ice-cream would melt faster. It didn’t, but Doc Bald-Eagle paused his efforts to catch the creamy liquid running down the side of his cone. His amber eyes were locked on Evans’s lips. The soldier smiled. Heh. He had the big guy right where he wanted him now. Puckering his lips, Evans leaned in closer. At the very last moment he dipped his head, stealing a tasty swipe of vanilla flavored heaven before surging up to share the cool, sweet taste with Doc Bald-Eagle.
“Little Hawk, I think you’re looking for a punishment.”
The gravelly sound of the big man’s voice told Evans that the doctor was far from unaffected by the little show. A satisfied smile bloomed. Bald-Eagle dropped the cone. Wrapping both arms around Evans he hefted the slighter man up against him in a searing full frontal press. A full body shudder shook Evans. God, the doc was so hot. He was the only man Evans had ever met who was so big he made the well muscled soldier feel slight. Well, except for his pal Collin’s mountain of a Norseman. Doc Bald-Eagle slid his hands under Evans’s ass.
“Oh Doc, yeah, just like that.”
Fuck ice-cream. The shit just melted and got sticky. Kinda like Evans was about to. Hot as it was he realized he’d rather do without the cold treat. Anything was alright as long as the good doctor kept his hands in contact with any part of Evans’s body. The big hands on his ass tightened, rocking him rhythmically against the unyielding firmness of Bald-Eagles muscular form.
Oh god.
He was going to.
Evans shivered and twitched for long moments, his body rising and falling in a steady rhythm. After a few eons of mindlessness, he felt his scattered wits slowly gathering themselves and limping back into his head. Evans blinked open his eyes to find the doctor looking down at him with an expression of complete smug amusement.
“Little Hawk, you owe me another cone. You’re racking up quite an ice-cream debt with me, you know.”
Evans nodded his head in agreement.
“I know. Every time I see your tongue come out from between those sexy fucking lips to lick up a stream of sweet, sticky, white liquid…I just lose it.”

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