Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nearly There


Just sent my first ever set of galley proofs in. I had until the third to get them done, but I was so damn excited I just finished them.

Nearly there. Last step for me before publication of my first book at MLR. I can't think of a word big enough to describe how thrilled I am.


  1. Cherie, after reading Kiss and Tell over at Goodreads, I can hardly believe you haven't been published before now! That must be very exciting for you and I'll look forward to reading your new novel when it's published.

    BTW, a Dragon Soldier?

  2. Sue, thanks for the comment!
    A Dragon Soldier is a proud member of the United States Army Chemical Corps. Fire-breathers, far-sighted, and confusing our enemies with smoke. Decon, Recon, and Smoke platoons, Hooah!


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