Thursday, July 28, 2011

Think Tank Thursday: Wishes of the Heart

Today I was asked to name three wishes of my heart.

Easy-Peasy, right?

So, I'll give you mine, and you give me yours.
1) To become a published author.
2) To own my own home.
3) To take my daughter back to Europe for a visit.

Well, there's mine.
What are the first three that spring to the forefront of your mind?


  1. So here are mine.
    1) To publish a novel
    2) To have my art hanging in a museum collection
    3) To find true love and a HFN ending of my very own

  2. Yay! This is too cool. I already commented so I guess this means I am in the running for the book. Yay me! Congrats on getting a wish done. You rock sister!

  3. Thanks, Amanda, and indeed you are in the running for the book! Good luck, and please, be encouraged that the wishes of your heart are achievable as well.

  4. My 3 wishes would be
    1. To finish college
    2. Own a home
    3. Better health.
    Kinda weird how 3 wishes change from when we where younger. Back them they where to have a nice car, lots of money and marry Brad Pitt. I am glad my prioritizes changed :)

  5. Amy, yes, it is weird how those things can change, even from one year to the next after we are adults. Five years ago my list was rather different.


What's your take?