Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday-Two times the fun!!

So, in honor of my impending release, I'm posting two excerpts today. The first will be from The Soldier & the State Trooper, my smexy M/M contemporary/paranormal novel coming out with Mlr Press by mid-August at the latest (according to the Goddess of Formatting).


So, color me excited, and color you any shade of lucky duck you choose. Cause today you get an excerpt from that hot novel and your regular WIP Wednesday excerpt.


Here you go. Let's join Christie and Robert!

Christie laughed nervously at the stunned expression on the handsome trooper’s face. It wasn’t the first time someone had taken a glance at him and mistaken him for a woman. It likely wouldn’t be the last. He made a valiant attempt to corral his careening thoughts.
His laughter trailed away when the state trooper resettled his uniform hat on his head. The action revealed the prominent bulge the man was sporting. Christie nervously licked his lips.
The trooper had obviously seen something he liked while Christie was bent over leaning into the back seat. Christie hoped he didn’t get angry about it now that he knew the person he’d gotten turned on by was a man.
“It’s okay officer. I get that a lot. I hated my name when I was younger. I was gonna change it, cause there’s already enough confusion over how I look. My mom really loved it though. I promised her I wouldn’t change it before she died.”
Christie glanced up at the trooper again. The flashing lights of his patrol car shone in the edges of Christie’s vision. He gestured in their direction.
“She was killed in a car wreck. Drunk driver. That’s why I hate the lights. Flashing. Umm, I won’t change my name. That’s what I meant. I keep it even though it causes me trouble sometimes. Once a guy didn’t believe I was a man until I actually showed him the goods…er, sorry. That’s probably not appropriate. I-I talk too much when I’m nervous. Umm. Could I have my ticket now? I really need to get to post.”
The man, Trooper Lindstrom according to his name badge, gave Christie what looked like a half-lustful/half-incredulous look as he handed over the ticket. He then briskly popped his mirrored shades back on, silently tipped the round brim of his beige hat and strode back to his car. Christie watched the man’s powerful looking thigh muscles bunch and release as he strode away.
After the trooper pulled out and around him, Christie sat for a few minutes, resting his hands on the steering wheel as he took slow, calming breaths. He tried biting his lip, but the pain wasn’t enough to put him back together this time. He let his mind wander to the gorgeous trooper who had just screwed any chance he had of getting to the base before 0900.
Christie must have mistaken that look.
It couldn’t have been lust.
The gorgeous trooper was probably straight.
What a waste.


The next excerpt will be coming a little later today, and will be a delicious scene from When in Rome...involving a very sexy shifter, his unwitting mate, and some quickly melting ice-cream...


  1. Quack Quack! I am a lucky duck. This REALLY lifts my spirits. Can't wait for the next excerpt. :D

  2. You're so very welcome, Amanda. It makes my heart happy to make your day a little more enjoyable.


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