Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Soldier & the State Trooper-Excerpt 2

Best. Dream. Ever. It had to be. Christie didn’t think this could possibly be happening to him in real life. Robert tasted spicy, like A-1 steak sauce, Caesar dressing, and something that was just him. Bold, warm, and exhilarating; the flavor made Christie shake just a little. He could spend hours just tasting this man.
Lack of oxygen finally forced him to remove his mouth from Robert’s. Christie blinked as he registered his tight grip on the larger man’s shoulders, and the firm, burning heat of Robert’s waist against his wrapped legs. He was doing a damned fine impression of a horny spider-monkey by clinging to Robert while grinding his rampant erection against the sexy trooper’s rock hard abs.
“How’d I get up here? When did you stand up?”
He must have sounded as bewildered as he felt. Robert was suddenly laughing so hard, the man could barely stand. The big trooper leaned against the side of the house right next to the sliding glass doors and brought their mouths back together.
Christie was pretty sure Robert’s tongue was trying to teach his the Paso Doble or some equally intricate and intense Latin dance. He writhed against Robert, their chests rubbing against one another. Christie moaned into Robert’s mouth. He slid his lips up along Robert’s jaw and quietly growled out a request directly into Robert’s ear. He was supremely conscious of the fact that too much noise would wake Frankie, calling a halt to all the adult fun currently going on.
“Inside.” Christie’s low growl reverberated against Robert’s firm chest. “Get inside. Naked. Get naked inside.”
Robert peeled Christie off his front and then pried the smaller man’s legs from around his waist. He set Christie down on his own feet. The man grinned like some cheesy cartoon character the whole time. He reached behind himself and pulled the sliders open. “Now there’s a plan I’m all for getting behind, Christie.”
Then his lips were where they belonged, back on Christie’s, and they were stumbling through the living room and into the bedroom. Robert paused then, his face serious and tender. He cupped Christie’s cheek in one big hand.
“Christie, are you sure about this? I don’t mind waiting…well, that’s a lie, I would mind, but I’ll wait if you need more time. I don’t want to take advantage.”
Christie grabbed the edges of Robert’s borrowed apron. Growling, he used it to swing the larger man around. Once he had his yummy trooper positioned, he shoved with all his strength. Robert fell back on the big antique German bed. He looked like a smorgasbord of hot Nordic fuckableness.
“Oh, hell no, Robert. Take advantage of me as many times as you want.”


  1. Holy hotness, Cherie. I love Christie climbing him like a spider monkey. LOL!

  2. So glad you enjoyed it, Amanda!


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