Monday, November 21, 2011


Today I got a STELLAR review.
Amazing and wonderful. Tickled me pink.

And then I opened a few more emails and found one that told me all about where I could go to download my book for free.


Yep. My first publication has been pirated. I guess I've arrived.
Or something.
I did notice that my sales dropped off sharply right around the time this pirated copy of my work went up. And to the pirate, whomever you are, I just want to say...thanks for the free advertising.
I know a lot of folks out there won't care that this--writing--IS my job.
I know scads of people will continue to download the book I worked for nearly a half a year to perfect often putting in ten-fourteen hour days for weeks on end, and that it won't matter to them that this--writing--is what I do to put decent food on the table for my kid. Because, ya know, as a disabled veteran, I'm not exactly hauling in the big bucks from the VA.
There are many who simply won't give a rip that my kid has clothes that fit only because someone GAVE them to us, nor that getting published and being paid for my work means the difference between some pretty basic stuff for us. Like having milk that's not reconstituted. Like being able to pay the bills on time. Like being able to buy bus passes for myself, the kidlet, and my adopted brother...or buying one pass per month because three are too expensive. And doing a lot of walking. Like to the VA for doctor's appointments. Which is a two hour walk for me with my bad back. I know this because I've had to do it.


This Tuesday Triumph?
Is dedicated to all the decent folks out there who don't steal my work. Who give a rip because they know that they'd be really pissed if someone decided they didn't need to be paid for over six months worth of work.
It's for the ones who have a little integrity.
Who aren't overflowing with that nasty disease called Self-Entitlement.

Thank you, readers who have purchased my book through a legitimate bookseller.
Thank you to those who will continue to do so.
Thanks to those who will hear about my book from someone who stole it, and will turn around an buy a legit copy.
I'm sure the others will continue to steal and feel okay about it.
I'm sure they won't worry about how I'm going to pay for medicine that my daughter's health insurance doesn't pay for, but that she needs.
I'm sure that Karma is a sly bitch, and she will sneak up on them someday.

In the meantime, I'll be writing.


  1. Well, that just sucks. {{hugs}} to you.

  2. Now I know what happened. I'm so sorry!!! Hugs.


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