Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fire & Ice #11


Time for another fabulous Fire & Ice flash.

Simeon’s body hummed with more power than he’d ever felt before. JC had poured sunshine and—something warm, sweeter than a whole package of Little Debbie’s Swiss Rolls, and as energizing as a triple shot cappuccino—through the three of them. The little frost elemental licked his lips nervously.
“Just what exactly what does being tied to both Heaven and Hell entail?”
Josh sat up. Stretching out a well muscled arm to reach around Simeon, he scooped the smaller man towards the cozy knot he and Ryan had tangled their limbs up in.
“Come here baby. I want you touching both of us while we tell you what we know, and try to figure out a decent answer to that question.”
Simeon allowed Josh to manhandle him into the central position. Plastered against Ryan, with Josh pressed firmly against his backside Simeon sighed in contentment. He felt like the sugar-high-happy-filling of a celestial two-toned-shortbread cookie. Devil’s food flavor on one side, Angel cake on the other with a very happy little cream filled peppermint cool center. Hmm. Now there was a thought. He could try to make some of those when they got this whole linked to Heaven and Hell/Scavenger hunt for Satan thing figured out.
Josh cleared his throat.
“First of all I think we’d better make a list of all the things we need to get for the scavenger hunt and make sure we all have copies in case we need to separate.”
A wimpy little whining noise escaped Simeon.
“We—ah, we should probably stick together. I know I’d feel a lot better if we did.”
Ryan placed a soft kiss on Simeon’s forehead. As he began to speak, the deep rumble of his voice sent vibrations through Simeon.
“Josh, I’m with Simeon on this one. I think we need to stick together no matter what.”
Josh’s arms tightened around Simeon until the smaller man squeaked in distress. Ryan spoke over Simeon’s shoulder.
“Josh, please don’t break Simeon’s ribs. Aside from just being a very bad idea on general principle, it would seriously slow down our progress toward the goal of becoming the celestial triad with the highest number of joint orgasms.”
Simeon gasped.
He tilted his head back to stare in shock at Ryan. The big angel gave him a conspiratorial wink. Simeon’s fledgling kernel of anger subsided at the sweetly inclusive gesture. A snicker escaped him.
“Oh, for sure. I don’t think I could—’
Simeon blushed, the tips of his pointed ears growing hot. His face was surely cherry red. He ducked forward and buried his face in Ryan’s chest.
Josh eased his grip.
“Okay, okay. Point taken.”
Simeon continued to hide his face. How did they just talk about such things with the same ease he would exhibit when talking about his latest baking project? Sheesh. He could only hope discussing their sex life was either something he got used to or that he got over this crippling shyness fairly soon. There was no way the two gorgeous men currently in bed with him would stay interested in someone who had no practical in “doing it”. Just thinking those words increased the heat in his face by several degrees. He didn’t want them to get bored with him.
“I like  doing it.”  

Hope you enjoyed it. :)


  1. Yep. I like him doing it, too. Even if he is making it up as he goes along. Hee hee. Nice.


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