Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I know the heart has reasons that reason knows nothing of. You, my invisible, and likely imaginary reader...it's quite likely you know this as well. The sun shines today. The geese across the way sail majestically on their watery bit of real estate. Sean Hayes www.seanhayesmusic.com is crooning songs from his albumn Flowering Spade in his sexy, quirky, one of a kind voice from my speakers. I have time to write, and space and no pressing need to be anywere else. It's a writer's paradise, right? Yeah. It is.

Still, even on sunlit days, with Spring hovering impatiently in the antechamber of the seasons...it's possible to feel sad. For no particular reason, or perhaps for so very many and varied reasons that it becomes inexplicible. I could be feeling this bone deep sorrow because of the sad news of an aquaintence's sudden death this past Sunday. I could be tapping the well of feeling that is caused by my daughter's hospitalization. I might just be desperately missing my own mother, gone these 11 some years now. I don't know.

What I do know today is that what I am best equipped to write about in this moment is Joy. Go on. Ask why. I have a very good reason, gentle reader. It's because the font from which Joy springs is oft carved by the hand of Sorrow.

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  1. That's a good post. I'm too muddled up to figure out what it means to me right now, but I'll book mark it and come back to it once I can think my way out of this paper bag of emotions I'm in.
    Thanks, Cherie


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