Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Falling Into Something New

Falling into something new sounds exciting, and it is. It's a hollow opening up in the pit of your stomach and suddenly, well, you're juming off of cliffs and you havent' learned  to fly...and no one ever warned you that they'd be so high. So now it's too late, cause you're already falling. So here's what you do. Savor your moment free from gravity. Laugh upside down and let the moon lift her face to you. Oh, and your dreams? Someone put 'em in your back pocket. Take a moment out of your day to find them. Take an hour with a friend, take a second look at the graffiti on the wall that speaks with power directly to your heart. Thank the person right there, who held your hand, read you the riot act when you needed it, gave you a band-aid when you scraped your knee. Fly higher than you've ever dared before, and when you fall back to earth? Try like hell to fall into something new


  1. Love your new blog, Cherie!
    I really love the 'raindrop' effect on the 'screen'...Nice!

  2. Thanks Carol!! I'm working to make it as professional as possible, and a rip roaring good time to boot. How goes the writing?


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