Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Miles in the Morning

    If you've never listened to Miles Davis in the morning, I challenge you. Go to YouTube and find something from his albumn Sketches of Spain. Listen. Revel in the lush sounds, release your inner sensualist, or let that external one you wear so well slip the leash for a bit. Taste what you eat today, slow down for at least one bite, and savor it.
    My favorite combination of sights and sounds in the early hours? Whenever those early hours may fall for me or for you, ( oh,don't quibble now luv...) be it at 0300hr or 1500hr-that's 3pm to you civilians-yeah, yeah, you can take the girl outta the army. Heh.
    But where was I? Ah, yes, when my limbs are still sweet with sleep and I have that lovely bed-head look we pay too much to almost get for important evenings out...right then I crave the company of my two favorite guys, Miles and Joe. Both are by turns brilliant and bawdy, alternating between making love to my senses and screwing them quick and dirty up agaist the kitchen cupboards, and what lovely little menages we have!
    Let me introduce you, for they're awfully fun fellows to travel throgh the hour, the day, indeed, even through the world with. To my right, Miles Davis, master musician. To my left, Just Plain Joe, my beloved lil'cuppa. Spend a quiet moment with the boys. Unless you're an audiophobe and allergic to coffee or simply find it distasteful, I promise you a sexy, sumptuous time that will usher you into a day filled with wonderful longings, both appropriate and inappropriate.
    Yes, have that tasty latte or tea or bottle of quality h2O at work during your breaktime. Go nuts.
    No, probably best to save the dancing in your underthings because you are unbearably moved by the beauty of the day until you get home. Well, to someone's home who's of age and as into it as you know what I'm saying.
    When you find yourself again at the edge of falling into that sleep-sweet state of floaty nothingness? Take stock of where you've been, and how far every miraculous beat of your heart has brought you today, simply because you took the initiative to begin your day with eyes, ears, heart, and spirit open to possibilities. You won't have "miles to go before you sleep...", for you'll have had Miles in the morning.

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