Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Double Dog Dare You

   Thursday morning is here. We're one day and a wake-up away from the weekend. And oh, what a magical word that is. Weekend. The sum of all idle pleasures, the mecca of mini-adventures. Do you remember? When you sat in a classroom with the sun shining in at the windows thinking, "This weekend I can...I will...I'll see...I'll do..."? I remember those times.
   Let's not waste the moments between now and then holding our breath however. Anticipation is sweet, planning precious, but right now is magical too. No, really, it is.You may not be able to see it though. So you need new eyes.
   Well, luckily for you, I know how to make that happen.
  Oh, I don't claim to be the most clever person on the planet. I didn't pull this out of thin air. I just have a good memory. My dear friend Rich taught me this trick one day when he'd grown weary of my sour attitude. He may not have know it, but he saved something immeasurably precious in my psyche that day. It's a gift I hold close to my heart even now, and I'd like to teach it to you. A little spare change thrown in life's toll booth coin recptacle, if you will.
   Have you been around a young child lately? One old enough to know a few things about the world, yet not be cynical? Imagine yourself as being that young. Go on, it's not that big a stretch. You were that young once. Now put yourself, at least in your mind, someplace you've never been, doing something you've never done. That feeling, the one right there where your disbelief let go of you? That's what you're looking for.
   Take that feeling and apply it to everything you experience today.
   I double dog dare you.    


  1. I accept your challenge! We DO wish our lives away, wishing for the weekend and not relishing the week between it. Good thoughts! Enjoyed!

  2. Stop back and let me know how that little twist altered your day.


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