Friday, March 25, 2011

Hope to See You There

I’ve been dreaming of going to New Orleans for nearly twenty years now. Since the day Stephanie Mechura came back from there with a fabulous new song called Slidell…and a pocketful of breath-stealing stories about The Big Easy. It amazes me that I’ve let life trick me into not getting there sooner. Cause Stephanie’s stories sent a whole lotta folks scrambling for their wallets and heading lickity-split out to the nearest airport.
I want to go to New Orleans now for all the reasons I’ve built up over all the years in between. Because I want my tourist dollars to help that beautiful old belle of the south get back on her feet. Because that’s the city Harry Connick Jr. sings about, and dedicated a whole tour to and helped rebuild. Because…well, I’ve only got five hundred words, and I could go on for days.
I want very badly to go to the GayRomLit retreat. Because for the two years in a row that I struggled with recovering from two separate spinal surgeries, and all the depression that came with losing my ability to work as a nurse, and the inevitable weight gain, and the just plain meh-ness of not being able to pay enough attention to my daughter because I was in too much pain, or too sad…during all of that there were these wonderful, incredible people who told me stories. Stories that made me laugh, and gave me hope.
I want to thank those authors in person. Because not only did they make those dark days bearable…they gave me hope and purpose again. So I can’t work as a nurse? So what! So the surgeries messed up my singing voice a bit? So what! I can still use my nursing knowledge to enrich the stories I now write. I can still write songs into the stories I now write. I want to look those authors who wrote the stories that, well, hokey as it sounds, saved me, in their eyes and thank them. I want to meet face to face the people I met on their chat groups who encouraged me to find a new dream and reach for it.
And hey…it’s New Orleans. I want to eat beignets, drink chicory laced coffee and ogle cute boys and girls. I want to party. Cause life is a celebration. I want to celebrate. So I’m hoping I’ll win. Ethel Ann (my ’98 GMC Jimmy) may not make it if I have to drive, and NO is a long-ass walk from Buffalo, NY.
But regardless, win or lose, I’ll be there. I’ll be the one in bright red lipstick, big silver hoop earrings and a smile bigger than Louis Armstrong’s. Hope to see you there.


  1. I had a long comment written, but it wouldn't take it, saying my browser's cookie functionality disabled, or something like that.

    So...fingers crossed for you to make it to the Big Easy. And I'm in the Houston area, close enough to hopefully stop by there and meet some of you!


  2. As you can see by today's post, I will most definitely be Getting Steamy In The Big Easy!!


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