Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday Newsday: 6 October 2015

Have I got news for you?
Woo-hoo, yes I do, news, news, news, news, oh yeah, glorious news.

1) The day before yesterday I sent the revised and ridiculously expanded version of Kiss & Tell--Kevin and Tony's story--off to my fabulous editor, Val L. Hughes. *gives a happy sigh* I lurve my editors so verra much.

2) The Super Seekrit Squirrel Project with Rhae Camdyn has finally been revealed. *massive grins*
It's a sweet, naughty, over the top tale of two bunnies-rabbits-jackrabbits-shifters--aw hell, two hot-tas-tic fellas full of fun and shenanigans. Set smack dab in the middle o' nowhere, Texas. *cackles*
And here's a sneaky peaky at the fantabulous art work that Catherine Diar has come up with for us. *points up at the pretty picture*

3) I'm also in the final stretch of two more stories...one for another favorite editor, Kris Jacen, and one that will be releasing next week, Nightflyer. And here's the cover for THAT: 

Okie dokie. Enough news for the day. Time to go make some more magic. :)

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