Friday, October 9, 2015

Fabulous Friday: Even when it Rains

I woke to the sound of rain pattering down on the porch roof outside my window. The grey half light that accompanies rainy days here in Tonawanda was not yet at full strength, but the sky was starting to lighten a little around the edges. About half of me wanted--okay, three-quarters of me wanted to roll over and let the soothing patter of water drops on the roof lull me back to sleep. However, there was one excited voice that rose up louder than all the rest...

Do you wanna know what that little voice was stage whispering right in my ear?

"Get up, fool. You only have four days left to get ready for GRL."

Seriously, I get no respect from my inner voices. Heh. But, it did have a point. Today is the Friday before GRL. It's like a big gay Christmas/Pride/Bestest-Sleepover-with-400+Friends.

And that?

Is simply fabulous. So I'm up. I'm writing. And I'm feeling a lot of joy about it. Nothing profound here, folks. Just simple joy. And to celebrate, as well as in honor of my fabulous Kidlet who makes me smile more than I frown, let's kick off this day with a little old school Motown from the Temptations.

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