Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wicked Wednesday: It's a Shakespearean Thing... kinda

To cut or not to cut, that is the question:
Whether ‘tis hotter in hand or mouth, or other orifice
to have a cock that’s suffered the cut, and been exposed to
The Scapels and medicated creams of outrageous western med,
Or to take a stand against a Sea of troublesome cutters,
And by opposing end their reign of cock cutting
to some wanton destruction of perfection,
to others the necessary pain all must suffer,
and to still others mere happenstance:
For a Cock by any other name,
Cut or uncut, is made to
To grunt and sweat under or over
The undiscovered Country of the Lover from whom
fevered cries arise to enter the ears of the one the cock belongs to.
‘Tis this, no more… and whether the cock be dressed or undressed,
in ancient Greek form… is but a delight to be discovered.

Inspired by a Cup O Porn--er, I mean a Coffee and Porn-- post which you can find right here:


  1. Uncut all the way :)

    But you knew that's what I'd choose.


    1. Yes, yes I did. I think they are both beautiful, but knowing what I now know, mostly thanks to your tireless education of me, I'd never chose to have a son of mine circumcised.

  2. I am that just sounds wrong. I love uncut, but being Jewish, being circumcised is like a I have four men and have half cut and the other two uncut?

  3. LOL Very amusing. You made me chuckle. Also, I have no opinion on the matter. Only been w/ cut.


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