Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday's Mayhem & Foolishness

So, the Hop Against Homophobia is officially over as of  this morning (per moi).  Of course, the Hop being done does not mean the fight is over. No, not by far.We've all still got miles to go before we sleep (Frost I think) on these issues. But if we keep our awareness, and keep reaching out in love and acceptance, we will get there. That's a pretty amazing concept, and one I truly believe. We will live, or our children-the next generation-will live forward into a day where slogans to promote equality are not necessary, where equality simply is. That is a fine thing to look forward to.

In the meantime, I'm going to round up all the names I have, put them on little slips of paper, and do a drawing to determine my two winners. And then I'm gonna get right back in the Writing Cave's editing section for a bit, where I'm working on a little something for my much loved lil'bro, Vicktor Alexander. I'm multitasking (I know, shocker) as I also have three books I'm working on right now, two of which have a deadline of Friday. You know that Robert Frost line, miles to go before I sleep? Yeppers, that's lil' ole me every freaking day. Heck, it's prolly you as well, isn't it? I really don't think many of us get by with just enough to do to keep us busy... so, I'm off to believe six impossible things before breakfast..


1) I will finish writing four new books by the end of June. Okay, done.
2) I will (mumble, mumble--this one's a secret--mumble). Also done.
3) I will unpack one entire box today.
4) I will take the Christmas tree down before June 1st. (it's already down, but I still have to believe this).
5) I will write a bestselling book this year.
6) I will have an entire day where my daughter is polite and respectful to me... on a day when she is HOME from school. *hey, it could happen*

What are your six impossible things?

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