Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Best: First Section of Two Part Hop Finale

This is another chapter in my Trans*Family Tale.

 I got told a short while ago that we need to have cameras up so that folks can see the extreme goofiness we get up to on the regular... well, here's a mini-clip of our daily mayhem and foolishness. You'll have to click on the link, as I am a techno-amoeba, and can't figure out how to embed it this time. Yes, this was on mother's day... and yes, it was simply the best mother's day I've had since the birth of my daughter... but that was because of my family just doing the things they do every day. My *nods to Jeremy Pack* big Trans*Family was having a Trans*Mother's Day, complete with Trans* gifts and Trans*video taping.
We're pretty radical. Cooking Trans*Family meals like Lasagna, and inviting friends over to share the bounty with us. Totally out of control!

 We get crazy with the refrigerator art. *gasp*, and do terribly deviant things like take the kidlet trick or treating. I know, that is beyond bizarre. The kidlet, by the way, is the one in orange, and this was a few years ago. She's taller now, and actually does do some rather radical things for a kiddo. She's marched in a Pride parade, because, as she says, even though she's not gay, she thinks everyone should be able to marry who they want. She sticks up for GLBTQI kids at school, and tells them she'll still be friends with them whether they are gay or queer or just questioning. And she's the face of the future. She's part of the family of tomorrow, where a Trans*Family will just be a FAMILY.

Everyone should be so lucky. We laugh together in our silly Trans*Family about Eggplants and other oddities. We fight over who gets to cook, and whose turn it is to scrub the tub (though, unlike some families, we're usually fighting over who gets to do those things rather than who gets to get out of them, lol... It's an OCS thing. You know, an Obsessive Compulsive Situation pertaining to who gets the rush of being the cooker or cleaner). We eat dinner together at our big ole Trans*table, and water our Goof Gay and Trans* plants... we're even radical enough to harbor a few straight plants in our home. Yep, we're a family. Perfectly imperfect, with a mom and an uncle Vic and a Kidlet.. Exactly like you see in the video. We're pretty radical, right? We work hard on hearing one another, and learning and growing together. On calling each other on bullshit we do, and say, and while we always have one another's backs, we try hard not to take sides. I know that if I'm experiencing a reality fail where I'm being an unmitigated Meanie-Butt of Epic Proportions... the kidlet and Vic call me on it. And if the Vic is being a fracking evil troll (I've never seen this, but hey, it could happen) I will call him on it. If the kidlet is treating Vic or I or one of her friends poorly... we step in. We say, Kiddo, or Vic, or Cherie, you've got your Donkey Ears on. *yes, we even make the eeeeaahh-aunh noise* You may not see these things on a daily basis, because Logo TV isn't set up in our house, making us the latest and greatest reality tv family.

Eh, we've pretty much recovered from the tragic, cosmic, universal fail of that factoid. We soldier on.

Just being a family, and reaching out in love to those we encounter... sometimes it's hard, and sometimes the best we can do is keep our damn mouths shut so we don't say something full of Jack-assery, but we try. And when we fail we learn from it. Cause, hey... isn't that what good families do?

We'll see you out in the world. And if you're lonely, or tired, or think there's no place for you... well, stop by. We pretty much leave the door open, though you should be warned that we don't tolerate intentional or willfully repetitious ass-hattery. If you come into our house and say or do something ugly we'll boldly call you on it. And then make you a cup of tea to soothe your nerves. If you continue to wear your asshat, we'll show you the door, usher you out, and then shed a tear or two over the fact that you've lost out on our love and support. Cause, babies, we are a fan-fucking-tastic and scary loyal family, and it will surely be your loss.

I hope for your sake you don't miss out on all the sustenance you could find at our table just because you're tangled up in worrying about it being a Big Trans*Table.  It ain't catching, babies. Your born that way. Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Intersex, Trans* or Queer. If your questioning, that's not you catching something. It's just you being brave enough to figure out and admit to yourself (cause it's nobodies business what you do in behind closed doors but yours, nor whom you do it with as long as both or all three, four, or however many of you there are have all attained the state of adulthood... heck it ain't even anybodies business which set of plumbing you were born with unless you are sharing said plumbing with that person or persons).

For the future?
Well, this big ole Trans*Family is bringing up a kiddo who doesn't get why we need to put the Trans* bit at the beginning, because that's just the way it should be, ya know?

Good luck to you. And remember, while we don't tolerate ass-hattery, we'll always accept an apology and invite you back to our table. Any ole' time you want, we've got tea and crumpets (or drop biscuits with blackberry jam) and a whole fuck-ton of love to spare.

Thanks for stopping by, babies. :)


  1. Love the post Cherie! Sounds like a great family to be a part of.

  2. *HUGS & KISSES*

    Share 'em around...

  3. Sounds like a lovely family to me :)


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