Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday Think Tank: Do Something Extraordinary

Damon Suede, brilliant, witty and charming, author of the scorching tale of love and bravery shared between two smokin' hot firemen and called, appropriately enough, HOT HEAD, sat at the opposite end of the table from me during a dinner I attended with several other authors, artists and three of the staffers from Riptide Publishing. Damon said something I will never in my life forget, something that changed his life once upon a time, and that he has passed on to me.

Do something extraordinary today, because tomorrow you might be dead.

It hit me like a punch to the heart. I want more than anything to be exactly that, living my life to the fullest every single moment of every single day...and until he said those words, I don't think I'd ever heard it articulated quite so well.


Okay, Damon, challenge accepted. I'm doing pretty well at making my dreams a reality, but you...gorgeous, vibrant, so damn full of just told me to step up my game.

Here I go, baby.

Watch me soar.
I'm gonna finish the edits to my Mlr Christmas short, and then work on another story. The one inspired by events that occurred at GayRomLit in New Orleans at Lafitte's in Exile. I'm gonna pick another open call at Dreamspinner Press and submit to it. Because I want to be able to say I've published with DSP. I'm going to work on my new story for Riptide Publishing, cause baby, come hell or high water, I will publish with them. I believe in them. And then I'm gonna work on the sequel to The Soldier & the State Trooper. After I finish up those projects I have a few others lined up. I can't wait to get started, so...Ready, Steady, Go!
I'll see you later, baby, in the spotlight.

And you?

Yes, you, my sweet little lurker.

What extraordinary thing are you going to do today?

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  1. I'm going to work on editing my novella, but not until late tonight. I got back the first round of comments, and not surprisingly there are some good calls for changing things up a bit. But, first I'm going to attend another little party for my birthday. Go me! Anyway, you go, girl! I'm still lurking, but I'm planning out how to join you in the extraordinary lane shortly. Just you wait! :D


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