Thursday, October 6, 2011

Think Tank Thursday: Of Chicks & Dicks

So, y'all know by now that I write a whole lotta man on man action. Cause, yummers! There's more dicks that way. And I am not ashamed to say I love those funny mushroom capped tube steaks. But really, not having one of my own, I wonder sometimes if I'm getting it right when I write the male orgasm...

So, when my friend Anne Tenino came up with a little questionnaire about what the big O feels like for someone with a homegrown, actually attached to their body permanently penis...I asked to get in on the action.

Yeah, but I need your help.

If I can figure out how to put this up as a downloadable thingy, it'll be up here on the website that way soon...but in the meantime, I'll just copy and paste, and beg you to post answers in the comments section. If you don't have a penis, please ask someone you know who does have one to answer the questions. That would rock out loud. :)

Oh, and if there is anything we didn't ask, feel free to leave an additional point in your comment about something you think we should know in order to write realistic male orgasms.

Right. Here's the questionnaire then:

Anne's Male Orgasm Questionnaire

Please answer all questions as thoroughly as possible.  This questionnaire is intended for research, but some answers will be shared in upcoming blog posts in November 2011 on the Chicks & Dicks blog (  Any information identifying you with this questionnaire will be removed as soon as it's received.

Finished questionnaires can be emailed to, or left here in the comment section. If you want to email, just cut and paste the questionnaire into a document and then shoot it over to Anne. :) 

1.  Pre-cum: how much to do you produce, and how excited do you get before it appears?

2.  When do you start to feel orgasm approaching? Is there a point where you think something like "A-ha,  there it is."? (I ask this because for most women there is a feeling like this-- keep in mind we don't necessarily have one every time.)

3.  Do your testicles pull up? How much and when? Slowly over time, right before you come, etc. Are there other physical signs that orgasm is approaching or imminent?

4.  Where do your orgasms generally seem to begin? Testicles, anus, some weird internal spot you can't define?  Do you have a clue what I mean? Does your spine tingle?

5. Can you describe the progression of your orgasm?  Once you've started to come, do you begin ejaculating right away? Are the physical feelings concentrated in one spot the whole time, or do they travel around?

6.  How does the sensation of ejaculation enhance your orgasm, or not?  What percentage of the pleasurable sensations are associated with the ejaculate coming down the urethra?

7. How far do you "shoot" regularly?

8. Where else do you feel your orgasm? Anus, testicles, taint, etc.

9. About how long does it last? How much of that time are you ejaculating?

10. Have you ever given up and decided it just wasn't going to happen this time?

11. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

12.  Top, bottom, versatile or no anal?

13. Have you ever had a prostate orgasm?

14.  Is there anything you want to to tell me (or maybe feel compelled to tell me) about the male orgasm that isn't covered in the previous questions? I am eager to be enlightened.

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  1. This is fantastic. I would love to get in on this action too. Hmmm. I wonder if Ann would be cool with others using these questions, particularly if we send her more responses for her research by using them? Let me know.:D


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