Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday: In the Cave and Snogging

I love being in my Writing Cave. Just love it. Today in the cave, I'm hanging for a bit in the editing section, wrestling with the Christmas story for Mlr...Christie and Robert need to have a little, er, Face Time. LOL.

Coming from MLR Press December 12th, Cuddle Time Chicken Soup

An Unedited Snogging Excerpt:

“Well, good luck to you. I’ll even go so far as to wish you my portion. I think you might need it more than I do.”
Less than a minute after the seat was vacated, another tall, muscular body slipped onto it. Christie didn’t turn his head, and he didn’t wait for the latest clown to try out his shiny new pick up line.
“Married. Fuck off.”
Christie reached across himself to lay his hand flat on the bar in front of the other man.
“Very, very married. And all my close friend slots are filled.”
The guy didn’t move. In fact he scooted his stool closer and turned sideways, leaving Christie sitting in the open end of the vee formed by his legs.
Christie opened his mouth to blast the idiot. He turned his head. Robert’s amused blue eyes greeted him.
“Very, very married, are you?”
Robert’s eyes danced with mischief.
Christie’s eyes widened.
Robert placed his fingers lightly against Christie’s lips, stopping the smaller man’s words. The corners of Robert’s eyes crinkled and a small smile played across his lips. Christie leaned toward him. Robert leaned forward, his eyes fastened on Christie’s slightly open mouth. Christie’s eyelids swept down, his long lashes veiling the turbulent seas of his eyes.
The brush of warm, supple lips against Christie’s ear just as Robert slid his hand up Christie’s neck to cradle the back of his head sent a spike of need lancing through the smaller man.  
“I never realized how many bars this town had until I started traipsing through them to find you. Between hunting through most of them to find you and tracking Nikki down to watch Frankie I’m about worn out now. Come on, hot stuff, I’ll take you home to your husband.”
Robert nearly had him half hard with that sexy move. The big freaking Viking had gotten Christie out of his clothes at warp speed with the same trick many times since the first time he discovered Christie’s slut button.
Christie moaned.
Then Robert’s words registered.
Cheeky bastard.
Christie ought to give him a piece of his mind.
Robert used the hand at the back of Christie’s head, applying subtle pressure until Christie turned his face a bit. Then Robert swooped in, plundering Christie’s mouth thoroughly. Christie lost all sense of the bar. Only the heated depths of Robert’s cinnamon flavored tongue existed in Christie’s world, only the broad strength of his shoulders beneath Christie’s flexing fingers had meaning.
A low whistling sound intruded into the perfect place Christie had found where his arms twined over the top of Robert’s shoulders and his hands eased up the taut line of masculine perfection which existed from the ball of Robert’s shoulders to the chiseled edge of his jaw. Robert insinuated his hands between the top of the barstool and Christie’s ass. Christie opened his mouth wider and whimpered. Robert pulled Christie across the intervening space until Christie was seated fully in the other man’s lap.
The whistle sounded again.
Robert eased back, big hands cupping Christie’s neck with fingers splayed and thumbs framing the line of Christie’s jaw.
“Are you ready to go?”

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  1. That was HOT!!! Very nice. "Very, very married. And all my closest friends slots are filled." Love it. Happy editing!!

  2. I do love me some Christie and Robert. *sigh*


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