Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Five: Five Extraordinary Things

That's my theme again today.

Extraordinary Things.

Because, well, death has rested his cold hand on my shoulder a time or two. And I know that life comes with no guarantees. So today I'm posting a list of Extraordinary Things I want in my life. And then I'm gonna go out and find them.

One amazing moment at a time.

The List:
1)Finish up and sub three novels by Christmas.
2)Write a segment of Rue and Woe's story every month.
3)Stand up for someone in a tangible, personal way. RL support.
4)Finish unpacking (for me? this would be an Extraordinary Thing, LOL)
5)Finish my cd. Yeah, the one I'm singing on.

Don't just sit there, baby.

You better get your list ready too.

Cause I'm gonna be checking.

Be Well Babies. Smooches to you.


  1. I have a list but it's mostly concerned with completing some projects.

    1. Finish Rediscover, the sequel to Transcend.
    2. Finish Ethan's Quest, YA
    3. Finish Out, a new YA story
    4. Finish knitting my hat
    5. Support my child is all his endeavors

  2. Some days, simply getting out of bed and getting all three kids to school on time feels like an Extraordinary Thing.

    But today is my 11th anniversary, and I'm going to do the Extraordinary Thing of pampering myself. I don't really do that as often as I should (or could) and step one, I think, is going to be clearing off the living room floor so I can spread out my yoga mat & indulge myself with my favorite yoga DVD. & we'll see where we get to from there.

  3. Oooh, West and Tracy, nice lists! Me likee.

  4. Okay here's my list (late as usual-LOL)

    1. Finish packing for my trip to NY.
    2. Finish "The Alpha King."
    3. Outline new book "Daddy's Boy."
    4. Finish "The Cowboy's Fireman."
    5. Finish "Damien & Roman: Forever" my transgender m/m book so that I can start writing "Damien & Roman: Always" the sequel.

    I'm going to try and get this all done!



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